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How to get Shredder Gauntlet in Horizon Forbidden West

Shredder Gauntlet is a new weapon type in Horizon Forbidden West, and here’s how you can acquire it early in the game.
How to get Shredder Gauntlet in Horizon Forbidden West

2017's Horizon Zero Dawn stood out from other open-world games for its visceral combat system. Traversing its post-post-apocalyptic world was dangerous, with ferocious machine waiting to jump right at you every half a minute. In this aspect, its sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, is no different.

However, Horizon Forbidden West improves things up by introducing a handful of new weapon types that make combat encounters far more diverse and engaging than they were in Horizon Zero Dawn. One new weapon type is a Shredder Gauntlet, and here's how you can snag a rare variant of it very early in Horizon Forbidden West.

Shredder Gauntlet in Horizon Forbidden West

How to get Shredder Gauntlet early in Horizon Forbidden West
You can get your first Shredder Gauntlet from a weapon’s vendor in Barren Keep settlement. (Picture: Guerrilla Games)

After 5-6 hours in Horizon Forbidden West, you will reach Barren Keep, one of the major settlements in The Daunt region. Like Chainscrape, you will find a weapon vendor here who happens to sell a rare Shredder Gauntlet called "Slicing Shredder Gauntlet." However, to buy this, you will need x467 Metal Shards and x1 Leaplasher Circulator.

Acquiring Metal Shards is easy as every quest, machine, or randomly scattered loot box drops those. Getting hold of a Leaplasher Circulator is tricky since you won't find this machine breed in The Daunt region. 

Thankfully, you will come across Leaplashers soon enough in Horizon Forbidden West. All you have to do is complete the story quest "The Embassy," which would unlock the No Man's Land region of the game, beyond which lies the relentless Forbidden West.

How to get Shredder Gauntlet early in Horizon Forbidden West
Go to the marked location to find a Leaplasher site. (Picture: Guerrilla Games)

In here, soon after you unlock the Shield Wing and have had the opportunity to test it, head to the marked location in the map above. It's the first Leaplasher site you will encounter in Horizon Forbidden West and is a straight path from the Barren Keep.

Leaplashers are small yet agile machines similar to the newly introduced Burrowers. There are plenty in this region, so pick your poison as soon as you're there. We recommend unlocking the "Stealth Stalker" Valor Surge ability first, as it will decrease your visibility to enemies and is incredibly helpful in the early hours of the game.

Acquiring a Leaplasher circulator off a Leaplasher is easy. You won't have to target a specific body part to salvage that equipment. Simply taking it down will drop the circulator in the loot. Once you have acquired it, fast travel back to the Barren Keep and talk to the weapon's vendor to purchase the Slicing Shredder Gauntlet.

How to get Shredder Gauntlet early in Horizon Forbidden West
Shredder Gauntlet does massive tear damage to machines. (Picture: Guerrilla Games)

Shredder Gauntlet does massive tear damage to machines and is essential for salvaging particular machine parts. As such, it's better to acquire as early as possible in the game.

That concludes our guide on acquiring the Shredder Gauntlet in Horizon Forbidden West. Also, make sure to check our dedicated Horizon Forbidden West section for more news, guides, and features.

Featured image courtesy of Guerrilla Games.