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Horizon Forbidden West: How To Start Burning Shores DLC

In this guide, we'll show you how to access and begin the new journey waiting for you in Horizon Forbidden West's Burning Shores DLC.
Horizon Forbidden West: How To Start Burning Shores DLC

Many players are excited to dive into the world of Horizon Forbidden West with its new DLC release for the base game called Burning Shores. This new DLC will offer plenty of additional combat and new sights for players to discover as they embark on a journey through the volcanic archipelago that was once Los Angeles.

But how do you begin this DLC? Where specifically do you need to go in the game to start this new content? Well, we have the answers for you below. Keep reading to find out exactly how to access the Burning Shores DLC in Horizon Forbidden West.

How To Start The Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC

To access the Burning Shores DLC, players will first and foremost need to have completed the base game, including the final quest called "singularity". Once complete, and you've watched the credits roll, continue the game, which will now let you free roam for a bit.

After a few seconds, you will receive a call over Aloys Focus from Sylens. He will inform you that he has an urgent matter to discuss with you and to meet him over at Tilda's. After the conversation ends, you will automatically begin the main quest of the new DLC called "To The Burning Shores" (be sure that your game is updated to receive the call from Sylens). 

Horizon Forbidden West How To Access The Burning Shores Complete Main Game And final mission
To gain access to the DLC, players will need to complete the base game in its entirety, including the final mission, and see the credits roll. (Picture: YouTube / 100% Guides)

And that is pretty much it; from here you'll begin your journey into the new DLC for Horizon Forbidden West to uncover the secrets and stop the evils that dwell there. Based on what we know so far, the DLC will have players experience a brand new story, that sees Aloy traveling to a ruined and molten Los Angeles to defeat a "massive machine" threatening her land. 

There will likely also be new creatures to defeat, and new items and weapons to discover, likely giving Aloy new abilities or unlocking new features in the game. On the topic of features, according to the developers, the new DLC will also offer new ones, such as exploration by water and on the back of a Sunwing, likely adding new ways to explore or expand on the existing exploration mechanics. 

Horizon Forbidden West How To Access The Burning Shores Content added
The new DLC Will feature tons of awesome additions to the game, so be sure to try it out for yourself. (Picture: Guerrilla Games)

For more on the DLC and what you need to know, be sure to check out our coverage of the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC, as we cover the latest news surrounding this new and epic DLC.