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Last Epoch Full Controller Support, Changes & Experience

We explain what our experience was like playing Last Epoch with a controller following version 1.0 update which added several changes and features.
Last Epoch Full Controller Support, Changes & Experience
Eleventh Hour Games

Eleventh Hour Games' Last Epoch, the time-traveling ARPG, has taken Steam by storm with its full release after the developer spent nearly five years improving the title via Early Access. With the launch on 21 February 204, Last Epoch officially got full controller!

if you want to play this intricate ARPG with a controller, then we've got some great news to share. We've got a rundown of all the controller support changes and additions for Last Epoch, alongside our first impressions of playing the game with an Xbox controller.

Last Epoch Full Controller Support Update Details

Last Epoch full controller support changes additions virtual keyboard legion go rog ally steam deck
We had no issue controlling our character with an Xbox remote in Last Epoch. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

With the Last Epoch update 1.0, moving the game from Early Access to full release on PC via Steam, the developers added full controller support for all aspects of their time-traveling ARPG. 

Below, you can check out the complete details on all the changes and additions for playing Last Epoch with a controller.

  • Added full controller support for the entire game.
  • Redesigned the Radial menu.
  • Added skill swapping to ability bar from the Radial menu.
  • Added controller specific item tooltips and contextual actions.
  • Added on-screen virtual keyboard.
  • Removed auto-targeting from breakables, so they aren’t hit instead of enemies.
  • Reduced the aggressiveness of auto-targeting.
  • Added ability to rotate when using certain skills:
    • Disintegrate
    • Avalanche
    • Flurry
    • Ghost Flame
  • Removed controller targeting for certain abilities (same behavior as Teleport):
    • Transplant
    • Fury Leap
    • Aerial Assault
  • Reworked the targeting of various movement skills.
  • Cycle through loot on ground.
  • Movement ability now shows gamepad right stick icon when using controller.

That sounds great in theory, so we tested it out!

Last Epoch Controller Experience

Last Epoch full controller support changes additions virtual keyboard legion go rog ally steam deck
From here, you can customize your Last Epoch controller experience. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

We connected our Xbox controller after updating Last Epoch to version 1.0, not expecting everything to go smoothly since the game only got full support 24 hours prior to our test. 

To our surprise, everything simply worked. You can also set individual buttons by heading to the gameplay settings menu and then clicking on Change Input Keys, as seen above. We jumped into the game, and the first thing that really impressed us was the responsive and accurate movement. 

Developer Eleventh Hour Games really did a fantastic job with all the changes and additions to add full controller support to Last Epoch. Our favorite, however, has to be the radial menu, which works like a charm.

One big issue for me when playing with a controller in any game is chatting with others via text. Eleventh Hour Games impresses with its on-screen virtual keyboard when using a controller, leaving nothing out of the equation.

We can also happily report that with full controller support, Last Epoch works like a charm without any additional settings required on the Steam Deck, and we assume this is the same for the ROG Ally and Legion GO. 

Want to learn more about the massive 1.0 update? Then check out the informative Last Epoch version 1.0 overview trailer, explaining what's new from Early Access to launch.

So there you have it. Last Epoch controller support works fantastic, and all the changes made by the developers are extremely helpful!

Don't forget to check out our continuously expanding Last Epoch section for more guides, news, and features!