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Last Epoch Leveling Tier List: Best Class Mastery

We rank all Last Epoch classes from best to worst for leveling in our detailed Tier List.
Last Epoch Leveling Tier List: Best Class Mastery
Eleventh Hour Games

In our Last Epoch best leveling class tier list, we dive into all five base classes and fifteen Mastery classes, ranking them from best to worst according to our leveling experiences.

If you are struggling to choose which class (and later Mastery) you should play in Last Epoch, maybe speed is of the utmost importance. For those who want the fastest leveling class in the time-traveling ARPG from Eleventh Hour Games, we've got you covered!

Please note: Our picks for the fastest/best leveling Class Masteries in Last Epoch are based on our experience with the game prior to release, alongside all the latest balance changes to skills and passives.

Update on 20 March 2024: We've updated our best Last Epoch leveling class tier list!

Best Last Epoch Leveling Classes Tier List

Last epoch best classes mastery leveling tier list
There are a total of 15 Mastery Classes in Last Epoch, some of them better for leveling than others! (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

There are five base classes in Last Epoch, with three unique, specialized Mastery Classes for each one. After level 25 and chapter 4 of the game's campaign, you would have chosen and locked in your Mastery Class

Below, you can find the baseline classes and their respective Masteries in Last Epoch. Each class has three (3) to choose from, making for a total of 15 Mastery options in the game.

Rogue Primalist Acolyte Sentinel Mage
Marksman Druid Necromancer Paladin Sorcerer
Falconer Shaman Warlock Void Knight Spellblade
Bladedancer Beastmaster Lich Forge Guard Runemaster

Now that you have a good idea of the mastery classes and base classes in Last Epoch, it is important to remember that you cannot change your Mastery Class at a later time, as this is a permanent decision.

This is a huge decision for many Last Epoch players, especially for beginners. Below, you'll find our tier list for the best leveling Class Masteries in Last Epoch, which will help you progress quickly through the campaign and ride straight into the endgame.

Last Epoch Fastest Leveling Tier Best Class/Mastery for Leveling in Last Epoch
  • Falconer
  • Paladin
  • Shaman
  • Warlock


  • Bladedancer
  • Runemaster
  • Necromancer
  • Druid
  • Forge Guard
  • Marksman
  • Lich
  • Beastmaster
  • Void Knight
  • Sorcerer
  • Spellblade

With every big Last Epoch update, this tier list is subject to change based on balance adjustments to classes and masteries. 

Please note: Just because a class mastery in Last Epoch is great at leveling doesn't mean it is fantastic at endgame activities such as Monolith, killing bosses, progressing in the Arena, and more. Don't worry; we'll bring you dedicated tier lists for all Last Epoch endgame activities.

Want to get a glimpse of all Last Epoch Mastery Classes in action before making a decision? Then check out the game's technical trailer below!

So that's it for our Mastery Class picks for the fastest leveling experience in Last Epoch. Remember, these picks are based on the writer's experience and will vary depending on what playstyle you enjoy the most. 

Check out our ever-expanding Last Epoch section for a tonne of guides, news and more.