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Last Epoch Maintenance Schedule: Latest Times & Dates

We detail exactly when planned Last Epoch maintenance occurs, including specific dates and times for server downtime.
Last Epoch Maintenance Schedule: Latest Times & Dates
Eleventh Hour Games

Enjoy Last Epoch multiplayer and want to plan your game time around server maintenance? Then you need the Last Epoch maintenance schedule, so you never have to worry about getting your efforts to save the world of Eterra ruined by pesky downtime!

Let's jump in and discuss Last Epoch's server maintenance schedule, when the next downtime can occur with times/dates, and how long they will last!

Update on 18 March 2024: Last Epoch servers are currently operational and no server maintenance is expected today.

Last Epoch Maintenance Schedule

Last Epoch server maintenance schedule downtime period next latest dates times
Don't let planned server maintenance catch you off-guard! (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

At the time of writing, Last Epoch does not have a maintenance schedule that is set in stone. However, the developers do announce the next planned maintenance, including dates and times, days ahead of the downtime.

Dates & Times For Next Last Epoch Maintenance

You'll find the latest announced Last Epoch server maintenance dates and times below.

Tuesday, 20 February 2024 at 11:00 CST until 21 February 2024 at 11:00 CST. For those in Europe, that's14:00 UTC.

Latest Last Epoch Extended Downtime

You'll find the latest announced Last Epoch extended server maintenance period below.

Tuesday, 20 February 2024: From roughly 11:00 CST until launch on 21 February at 11:00 CST.

"Last Epoch’s online services will be down for maintenance and deployment 24 hours before launch. During this time, the team will be hard at work getting everything prepped."

How Long Are Last Epoch Server Downtimes?

Last Epoch server maintenance schedule downtime period next latest dates times
Plan your game time with the Last Epoch server maintenance schedule. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

From what we've seen so far, Last Epoch server downtimes for planned maintenance lasts roughly two (2) hours. If the developers push out huge updates or multiplayer features, or when a cycle (like a season) ends, the downtime could be extended by several hours.

You might find our guide to checking the Last Epoch server status quite useful for unplanned outages!

When the developers deploy a huge Last Epoch update, such as the massive 1.0 update to usher in the game's full release, online services go down for 24 hours. It is important to note that the Early Access to full release 24-hour downtime period could very likely be a once-off affair, and future major updates should have way less downtime.

While you wait for the Last Epoch server downtime to come to an end, you can learn more about the trade and item factions released with the 1.0 launch update via a very informative video below.

So there you have it: the latest Last Epoch server maintenance schedule with planned downtime, dates, and times. We will endeavor to update this article consistently to provide the heroes of Eterra with the latest information as it becomes available.