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Last Epoch Exiled Mages: How To Locate, Rewards & More

Take down these powerful banished magic users with our guide on how to find, locate, and claim the rewards from Exiled Mages in Last Epoch.
Last Epoch Exiled Mages: How To Locate, Rewards & More
Eleventh Hour Games

Among the vast array of enemies you'll come across when playing Last Epoch, some are more powerful and dangerous than others, and one type is the Exiled Mages. These humanoid bosses are tough to put down, but once you do, they grant you some very desirable rewards.

So, if you're ready to take on these powerful enemies and want to be prepared for the fight, then you are in the right place. Below, we'll discuss how to locate the Exiled Mages, defeat them, and, of course, outline the rewards up for grabs once you've taken them down. 

What Are Exiled Mages And Their Locations In Last Epoch

Exiled Mages are unique mini-boss enemies in Last Epoch encountered throughout the campaign and more frequently inside the Monolith of Fate. Canonically, they have been exiled and detained for practicing forbidden elemental magics. Defeating them, while challenging in some scenarios, is well worth the effort (more on that later).

Last Epoch Exiled Mages Locations and Unlocking them
Exiled Mages can be found within the Monolith of Fate and the main campaign, and once freed from the Rune Prison, they will attack the player and other creatures. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

The mages are found in Rune Prisons, large stone, and crystal-like structures that have a chance to spawn on almost every zone in the Campaign and Monolith of Fate. Finding them is as simple as exploring the map and looking for the icon on the minimap.

Once located and released, they will attack both you and any monsters in the area. The Mage has a variety of skills at their disposal and also uses Teleport, making them very agile and far more challenging than the other enemies in the area, so be prepared for a battle.

Exiled Mage Rewards And Farming

Defeating an Exiled Mage will reward you with some unique rewards, making the effort of finding and defeating one well worth it. The main reason for this is that Exiled Mages drop a variety of items, including those with an Experimental Affix.

Last Epoch Exiled Mages Rewards Experimental Affix
Defeating an Exiled Mage will grant you an Experimental Affix, which is unique to that mage and cannot be crafted without very special materials. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

Experimental Affixes are extremely powerful and exclusive to the Mage, so they cannot drop anywhere else in the world. They can be crafted, but only through special crafting materials, making obtaining them via the mages your best option.

Exiled Mages also drop a special Rune called Rune of Research. When used, it will seal the Experimental Affix on an item, even if the Affix is Exalted. Sealing an Experimental Affix with this Rune also gives a chance to create a Glyph of Insight, which changes a prefix into an Experimental Affix, making it a useful tool for adjusting some of your Affixes.

Last Epoch Exiled Mages Rewards Rune of Research
Runes of Research can also be dropped from Exiled Mages, and they allow you to permanently fix the Experimental Affix on your item. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

If you're keen on farming these items and, by extension, the Exiled Mages, there are some tips you can use. Firstly, avoid farming Dungeons, the Arena, or the Arena Echoes inside the Monolith, as they do not spawn mages.

Next, farm as high-level Monoliths as possible, with Empowered Monoliths being recommended with the highest Corruption level possible. Finally, farm high area levels, as they will spawn Exiled Mages (though more slowly), and when defeated, they will guarantee better drops such as Experimental Affix items, Runes of Research, and Glyphs of Insight.

Last Epoch Exiled Mages Rewards Glyph of insight and farming
Using the tips provided, you can farm the Exiled Mages for the Affixes and other items such as the Runes and Glyphs of Insight. (Picture: Eleventh Hour Games)

So there you have it: everything you need to know about the Exiled Mages in Last Epoch, including how to locate them, the rewards they drop, and how to effectively farm for them. As always, be sure to check out our dedicated Last Epoch section for more news, guides, and more.