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Astralis responds to promisq’s toxicity in League of Legends solo queue

The organization says it plans to handle the matter "internally".
Astralis responds to promisq’s toxicity in League of Legends solo queue

Astralis released a statement, in which it declares to be dealing with Hampus Mikael "promisq" Abrahamsson’s toxic behaviour.

“We are aware of the situation with promisq’s misbehaviour and use of profanities online” we can read on the team’s social media accounts. “It is a matter we take very seriously. [..] It does not live up to our values and company culture” Astralis adds.

The team members themselves are in a middle of a player break, hence there are no specific details on the eventual punishment for promisq, which hasn’t probably been decided yet. Although, the organization promises it is taking action, “we are handling the matter internally together with Hampus” we can read in the announcement.

The case first came out publicly on Thursday. One of the users of League of Legends' subreddit made a post, highlighting promisq’s toxic behaviour on the game’s solo queue ladder. The player wished others cancer, called others “brain-dead Asperger child”, and also threatened to “run it down”, which basically means throwing the game away in LoL’s slang.

Riot Games haven’t responded yet themselves, but knowing the standards of the game developer, the investigation is probably taking place as we speak. What’s more, we can expect an individual penalty on a player in the nearby future.

promisq astralispromisq could face censure by Riot Games. (Picture: Riot Games)

promisq himself is a former G2 Esports representative, with which he made history, by winning the League of Legends European Championship and Mid-Season Invitational in 2019.