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CLG's Finn achieves the fastest first blood in League of Legends history

The North American squad CGL managed to make League of Legends history in their last game against Evil Geniuses, scoring the fastest first blood ever
CLG's Finn achieves the fastest first blood in League of Legends history

The LCS 2021 regular season has come to a close, leaving great moments and emotions everywhere for both its players and its fans inside and outside the Rift. Although there were some surprises among the ten teams that make up the LCS, no one imagined that in the penultimate game of the season, a moment would pass that could remain intact for the records for a few years, as CGL's Finn scored the fastest first blood in professional League of Legends history.

Fastest League of Legends first blood

During the Counter Logic Gaming (CDL) match against Evil Geniuses, and in a duel in which there was nothing at stake on the way to the Mid-Season Showdown, a memorable moment happened thanks to the good coordination of CLG in the first minute of the game.

CLG Finn fastest first blood league of legends LCS(Picture: Riot Games)

This was thanks to CLG, that decided to advance as in an ARAM game through the middle lane just starting the game. At 30 seconds, and without the mid laner of EG, Jiizuke, suspecting anything, CLG’s support Smoothie managed to hook him with the anchor of his Nautilus, after both used their Flashes.

As soon as he was immobilized, all CLG decided to attack the player, throwing all their available abilities at that moment and spending some Flashes too, until at 34 seconds, Finn along with his Irelia managed to secure the first blood.

This sudden moment would be marked as the fastest first blood in the history of League of Legends competitive, surpassing the previous record of 39 seconds that occurred in Worlds 2013 in the game between Lemondogs and SK Telecom T1.

On that occasion, the record was broken by the hands of Tabzz, after ensuring the kill with the help of Caitlyn and some of his teammates, against none other than the Unkillable Demon King, Faker.

This way, despite not advancing to the Mid-Season Showdown, nor being able to take the victory against EG, both CLG and Finn will have in their hands a record that many players, professional or casual, would kill to have (literally), and perhaps this time it may last more than seven years.