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C9 CEO expresses disappointment over NA performance at Worlds: "Cloud9 are part of the problem"

After North America’s failure at Worlds, discussion on how to fix the region once again began on social media.
C9 CEO expresses disappointment over NA performance at Worlds: "Cloud9 are part of the problem"

North America's representatives at Worlds 2020 have once again left fans disappointed, as none of the LCS teams managed to qualify for the knockout stage. What’s more, NA has broken some records this time around, as TSM managed to write history by becoming the only first seed ever that ended with a 0-6 record.

Jack Etienne Cloud 9 North America performance Worlds 2020 League of legends
Jack Etienne claims the issues with NA run deep. (Picture: Cloud9)

As expected, the poor results once again ignited the discussion about LCS teams’ structures and goals. One of the bigger ones began after Cloud9’s founder, Jack Etienne, shared his opinion on Twitter. 

Immediately after, voices of support for such an approach rose up, which stirred up a discussion about what to exactly change in North America’s organization’s structure. One of the League’s casters, Nick “LS” De Cesare, said that one of the biggest issues are people who are behind the reviewing of LCS’ organizations. In his eyes, those names are the ones that have little or no experience and allowed the region to reach this nadir.

The list of excuses for NA is long and it is being constantly updated. Bad solo queue routine, high ping on American servers, inappropriate habits are one of the most popular ones.

For a long time, North America’s problem has been spending loads of money for veteran players, big names, who were long past their prime. Experts have criticized such an approach and suggested investing in local, American talent, such as Team Liquid’s Edward “Tactical” Ra. You needn’t wait long for such jokes to come up in the Twitter discussion. 

There were also some that appreciated Liquid’s efforts. The four-time LCS champions went 3-3 in group A, almost not making it out.

Last but not least, some people pointed out that Etienne’s organization, Cloud9, didn’t even make it to this year’s Worlds the first time in the team’s history.

C9’s failure definitely shook the LoL scene, as the squad had dominated the 2020 Spring Split, and made it out of World’s groups four times in the past. In the end, Jack acknowledges that his team is a part of the problem as well. 

As of now, no specific actions have been foreshadowed. Although, if North America wants to have a better showing next year, some fundamentals must be changed.