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Seraphine will arrive on October 13 on League's PBE boasting an amazing Ultimate skin

One of the most hyped-up champions in League of Legends history will come to the Public Beta Environment before hitting the main servers at the end of the month.
Seraphine will arrive on October 13 on League's PBE boasting an amazing Ultimate skin

She's finally here! Seraphine, the anticipated Champion will come to League of Legends this month, releasing in the Public Beta Environment first on the 13th of October.

According to information published by Dot Esports, she will eventually be released on the live game at the end of the month, on the 28th of October. 

No information regarding the specifics of her kit has been released, however leaks suggest Seraphine will bring new mechanics to League of Legends, heavily tied to her background as an aspiring musician. 

Seraphine Ultimate skin

Seraphine, which has had an incredible and lengthy viral campaign hyping up her presence in both the MOBA and the spinoff K-pop group, K/DA, comprised of champions from the Riot title featuring Ahri, Akali. Evelynn and Kai'Sa, has been confirmed to appear on the Worlds 2020 stage, with Riot celebrating the occasion with a new skinline called "K/DA ALL OUT."

Seraphine's skin will document her journey as a musician, going from an aspiring singer/songwriter, her first steps as an accomplished artist, and finally, as a member of K/DA.

Take a look at the concept art shared by Riot on their official Twitter account.

K/DA Seraphine Indie


K/DA Seraphine Rising Star

seraphine rising star

K/DA Seraphine Superstar

seraphine superstar

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