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Dr. Mundo's VGU, everything you need to know about League of Legends' latest rework

Dr. Mundo is finally receiving his awaited rework as part of Patch 11.12, so here we bring you every single change prepared for the Madman of Zaun.
Dr. Mundo's VGU, everything you need to know about League of Legends' latest rework

Some champions in the League of Legends universe have never changed since the game’s release back in 2009, while some others have gotten highly regarded updates putting them among the favourites by all the community, like Poppy in 2015 and Urgot in 2017.

And while a host of champions are in queue for a visual or gameplay update such as Tahm Kench, Udyr, and Sona, one of the classic champions from the Rift is about to get his long-awaited rework, after being announced by Riot in a Champion Roadmap blog, back in June 2020.

Dr. Mundo’s VGU gameplay details

dr. mundo vgu iconsDr. Mundo’s new ability icons. (Picture: Riot Games)

Dr. Mundo, also known as the Madman of Zaun, has had a lot of importance around League of Legends and its competitive scene since the days of the 40 original champions, being among the most picked as top laner, or as jungler.

So after many years in the making, this utterly mad, tragically homicidal, and horrifyingly purple champion will be more monstrous than ever, terrifying the hapless "patients" who wander near his office, thanks to the changes announced for both his skills, skins and lore.

Goes Where He Pleases (Passive)

Starting with his new passive which will increase his health regeneration based on his maximum health, while also giving him more resistance to immobilizing effects that hit him, instead losing some health and dropping a chemical canister nearby.

Dr. Mundo can pick up these canisters, restoring a portion of maximum health and reducing this passive's cooldown. Enemies can also destroy them by walking over them.

Toxic MundoToxic Mundo, 520 RP Legacy skin. (Picture: Riot Games)

Heart Zapper (W)

While his Infected Cleaver (Q) will remain, Mundo will debut this new ability which allows him to electrocute himself for a few seconds, dealing persistent magic damage to nearby enemies and storing a portion of damage he takes as grey health.

At the end of its duration, Mundo can deal a burst of magic damage to nearby enemies and heal his grey health if an enemy is hit, although this heal will be reduced if only minions or monsters are hit. Heart Zapper can be recast earlier, cutting the healing effect as well.

Blunt Force Trauma (E)

Replacing Mundo’s Masochism, this ability will keep its bonus attack damage passive, increasing based on his missing health. However, when activated, he will slam his “medical” bag into an enemy, dealing physical damage based on his missing health.

And if the enemy dies they will be swatted away, dealing this ability's minimum damage to enemies they pass through.

Executioner MundoExecutioner Mundo, 520 RP Legacy skin. (Picture: Riot Games)

Maximum Dosage (R)

Finally, his reworked Ultimate will take Dr. Mundo’s capabilities to another level, giving him an instant heal based on his missing health, also conserving it's Health Regeneration and bonus Movement Speed, and adding more Attack Damage while its healing is active.

Dr. Mundo’s revamped skins

The biggest change of them all will come on the side of his skins. As most know, Dr. Mundo has received lots of skins during the past few years, however most of them are outdated compared to how the latest releases look now.

With Dr. Mundo, Riot also wanted to reflect a “slightly more intelligent and humanized side, to better live up to his 'doctor' title," while also keeping the dark and comedic elements that's people fell in love with the first time around.

Mr. Mundoverse - 520 RP (Legacy)

Mr.Mundoverse League of legends

TPA Mundo - 750 RP (Legacy) / Rageborn Mundo - 975 RP

Mr.Mundo VGU League of LEgends rework 2021

Pool Party Mundo - 975 RP / Mundo Mundo - 975 RP (Legacy)

Dr Mundo Pool Party Mundo

El Macho Mundo - 1350 RP / Frozen Prince Mundo - 1350 RP (Legacy)

El Macho Mundo

Corporate Mundo - 1820 RP

Corporate Mundo

“We felt like there was a lot of potential to really upgrade Mundo’s visuals and theme to not only look better, but to fit in better with how League's visual style has evolved over the years, [while] making room for gameplay improvements to Mundo’s kit." 

[And we] wanted to really emphasize that Mundo’s over-the-top strength and utter disregard for pain is the result of chemical augmentation and experimentation, [making you feel] like you are in a fight with a giant unpredictable force that only increases in power as time goes by," said the Dr. Mundo VGU Team during its development.

These skins will be available with the launch of the VGU and for a limited time, available through the in-game store.


All images - including feature image - courtesy of Riot Games.