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League of Legends
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DWG KIA vs. Royal Never Give Up - MSI 2021 Grand Final primer

The titans of the LCK and LPL may have been bloodied in their semifinals, but both have emerged to fight for the trophy in the MSI finals. Here’s our exhaustive analysis and take:
They may be bruised, they may be bloody, but they aren’t beaten - at least, not yet. One of either DWG KIA or Royal Never Give Up will be lifting the MSI trophy tomorrow. The other will be heading home with a host of regrets.

Neither has looked imperious. Both had scrappy, contested semifinals. Both will be breathing sighs of relief that their errors in-game didn’t lead to an ignominious exit from the tournament. The LPL and LCK’s dominance continues, much to the LEC and PCS’ chagrin (2019 MSI excepted). And that’s without touching on all of the semifinals scheduling drama...

Still, flawed though they may be, both DK and RNG are powerhouses. Powerhouses with discernable weaknesses that both teams will be all-too-aware of.

DWG KIA (8-2 Rumble Stage, 3-2 vs. MAD Lions)