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FlyQuest to sign Licorice, Palafox, and Diamond from C9, completing roster with Josedeodo and Deftly

FlyQuest has made bold moves in the off-season, bringing in C9’s Eric “Licorice” Ritchie, Christian “Palafox” Palafox and David “Diamond” Bérubé, alongside Latin America superstar jungler Brandon Joel “Josedeodo” Villegas.
FlyQuest to sign Licorice, Palafox, and Diamond from C9, completing roster with Josedeodo and Deftly

Announced via League of Legends roster guru Jacob Wolf on the Free Agency show last night, FlyQuest has agreed to a package buy-out of Licorice, Palafox and Diamond.

Licorice has been seen as a premier top laner in the LCS for a number of years while also holding the coveted resident status, while Palafox and Diamond are both highly touted academy players who won back to back splits with C9A in 2020.

The news follows the other high-profile signing of Rainbow7’s star junlger Josedeodo, who made waves at Worlds this year with his aggressive jungling style on picks like Graves and Evelynn. His signing marks the first time an LLA player has made the move to the LCS.

While their ADC is still somewhat up in the air, FlyQuest seems mostly committed to Matthew “Deftly” Chen - another former Cloud9 member - who was most recently on Evil Geniuses’ Academy roster.

Initial outlooks for this roster look good in isolation: one of the best performing top laners in the league and a veteran presence in Licorice, an import jungler with high prospects and good numbers, and two rookies with massive potential in Palafox and Diamond.

Out of a vacuum and some potential issues are apparent.

Josedeodo Flyquest
Flyquest will be hoping Josedeodo's skills translate to the LCS. (Picture: lolesports)

How well will Josedeodo translate his dominance in the LLA to a major region? Will Palafox and Diamond make the step up from academy to the mainstage? Prospective talent is all well and good, but C9, TL, TSM and 100T all have stacked rosters to name a few, and throwing rookies against former World Champions and finalists is a big ask.

A roster to get excited about to be sure, but how high is FlyQuest’s ceiling and can they reach it?