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Furious T1 fans park truck outside team's Seoul HQ in protest at poor management

In the latest of a string of bizarre stunts, Korean fans have hired a truck to circle SKT Headquarters and media outlets in Seoul displaying angry messages and demands after unconfirmed reports of new coaching staff hires.
Furious T1 fans park truck outside team's Seoul HQ in protest at poor management

Fans of LCK juggernaut T1 have pulled a bizarre publicity stunt in protest at what they see as the poor management of the team.

In a stunt that looked more like a political row over a supermarket coming to town than an esport organisation who have dropped their crown, T1 fans hired a truck to drive around Seoul with which angry messages denouncing T1's management and future plans were displayed.

T1 truck protest SKT HQ seoul van
The truck's messages took aim at T1's front office. (Picture: Shakarez)

The truck reportedly started its journey at SKT Headquarters (the parent company of T1) and then driven past a number of the South Korean capital's news outlets.

The messages were fueled by poor performances in the Summer Split which resulted in the team failing to qualify for Worlds 2020, and unconfirmed reports that Nick “LS” De Cesare and Choi “Polt” Seong-hun would be joining the coaching, potential moves which have only incensed the fanbase.

The messages read that there is "No future for a team that shuts out devoted fans," and also criticises recent advertising schedules alongside lambasting LS as “controversial” and Polt as “unproven.”

The move is the latest in a series of increasingly toxic reactions from some fans over the unconfirmed roster moves. LS was moved to de-activate his Twitter after he was sent a deluge of abuse about his personal life.

T1 were forced to make a statement yesterday addressing the growing discontent and aggressive reactions, but that seemingly wasn't enough to stop this latest piece of grandstanding - a move that is a deliberate mirror of Blackpink fans’ (unsuccessful) attempt to pressure the group’s label YG Entertainment using messages projected off a van.

T1 van SKT protest coach
The truck was placed in front of SKT's Seoul HQs. (Picture: Shakarez)

What T1’s response will be is as yet unknown, but they recently threatened legal action after former coach Kim received death threats for benching ace player Faker.

A number of other fans and industry personalities have come out in support of both T1 and their potential coaches.