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G2 Esports bounce back and take down Excel Esports in fifth week brawl

After a rough Week 4 that saw losses to Misfits Gaming and FC Schalke 04, G2 Esports have bounced back to winning ways against Excel Esports in impressive fashion.
G2 Esports bounce back and take down Excel Esports in fifth week brawl

G2 Esports; League of Legends team have bounced back to sit at the top of the LEC Spring Split table alongside Misfits after a successful match against Excel Esports.

Week 4 saw the team award FC Schalke 04 their first win of the season in a huge surprise upset for the European superstar roster and Worlds 2019 finalists.



With the LEC currently playing on Patch 10.3, nerfs and changes have seen the likes of Akali and Senna fall out of favour.

The initial bans from G2 Esports were Ezreal, Rakan and Jarvan IV while Excel banned Syndra, Soraka and Aphelios.

G2's first pick was Miss Fortune for Rasmus "Caps" Winther in the mid lane while Martin "Wunder" Hansen was able to secure Aatrox as continue his undefeated streak on the champion.

Brawler champion Sett made an appearance as former G2 player Ki "Expect" Dae-han took the new champion into the top lane.


While there were some impressive moments from the Excel side, G2 looked back to their dominant ways on the Rift.

G2 were able to take four elemental drakes and gained an Ocean Soul, making it an uphill battle for Excel.

It being a G2 game meant not everything always went to plan, with stars Caps and Perkz having their own special moments.

Wins in LoL come after G2's CS:GO roster topping Group C at BLAST Premier Spring Season Week 3 in an otherwise rough week for the organisation.

Its Rainbow Six Siege team crashed out of the Six Invitational after a last-minute direct invite for the defending champions who seem to be struggling on the server at the moment even with roster moves in recent months.

The LEC now has its own Twitch channel where all of the European League of Legends action can be found for the entire Season.