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Irelia to receive massive overhaul in LoL patch 11.14

The Blade Dancer will be subjected to various nerfs to both her stats and abilities, as part of some of the balance changes for League’s next update.
Irelia to receive massive overhaul in LoL patch 11.14

For any League of Legends player, it comes as no surprise that Irelia is among the top picks for both ranked queues and in competitive, thanks to her tremendous power within the Summoner's Rift.

As a champion with such devastating potential for destruction at any stage in the game, it's no wonder that Riot announced a huge series of changes for her in patch 11.14, which will be available on 7th July.

So if you are a big fan of this champion, you better review all the upcoming changes to Irelia in the League of Legends 11.14 update.

Nerfs to Irelia in patch 11.14

League of Legends PROJECT Irelia Prestige skin
(Picture: Riot Games)

Starting from the roots, Irelia will receive certain adjustments to her base stats, giving her a certain disadvantage early in the game by making her a bit easier to deal with both in the top and mid lane.

Irelia's base health will be decreased from 580 to 520, in addition to changing her magic resistance from 32 to 28; however, her life scaling per level will be increased so as not to leave her at problems against her opponents.

As many know, Irelia's arsenal relies heavily on her passive Ionian Fervor, allowing her to increase her movement speed to an unstoppable scale thanks to its stacks. That is why from the new version, the max amount of stacks will be lowered to four, in addition to decreasing its bonus of attack speed and the base damage of this passive.

League of Legends Invictus Gaming Irelia skin
(Picture: Riot Games)

Although these changes are already too severe, what is coming for her abilities will be more than overwhelming for her performance. The speed of her Bladesurge will be dramatically reduced, and it will no longer be so easy to clean the lanes due to a readjustment in the damage it will do to the minions.

This will come with a damage reduction to her Defiant Dance but will be compensated with a greater amount of damage for this ability. Likewise, her Flawless Duet projectiles will have a fixed travel time of .25 seconds; however, this cannot be used under crowd control effects.

Finally, her Vanguard's Edge will have a new passive that will compensate for the changes suffered in her Bladesurge by decreasing the cooldown of this ability and allowing her to maintain that flexible and fast nature she is well-known for.

Riot may have finally found a way to deal with the Blade Dancer, as players who use it as their main champion may find it necessary to search for new compositions in order to make the most of it after having a big impact on her overall performance.

In the end, and as many say, there is never a bad time to nerf Irelia.

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