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How To Get Nerf's League of Legends Fishbones Rocket Launcher

If you have ever wanted to use Jinx's Fishbones from League of Legends, Nerf LMTD has the product for you.
How To Get Nerf's League of Legends Fishbones Rocket Launcher

Jinx is undoubtedly one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. She is featured in a lot of the advertisements for the game and she is the poster girl for Arcane, the hit show that takes place in the League of Legends Universe.

Ever since the World Championship, League of Legends has had even more popularity. So much so, it is no wonder that Hasbro wanted to work with League of Legends to make a nerf gun from the game. Here, we go over what Jinx fans can expect from this collaboration between Nerf and League of Legends.

What Is The Fishbones Nerf Gun?

League of Legends Fishbones Nerf Gun
Here is what the Fishbones Nerf gun box is going to look like. (Picture: Hasbro)

The Fishbones Nerf Gun is the product of the collaboration between Nerf and League of Legends. Fishbones is Jinx's trademark weapon in League of Legends. Nerf LMTD is a series of guns created by Nerf that feature weapons from video games and other media. Another example of a gun they created is the Needler from the Halo series. Given how popular Jinx is, it is no wonder they used Fishbones for the collaboration.

The gun is quite large. The gun is loaded with a large drum for a total of 18 shots. Each blast from the nerf gun is a 3-dart burst. The gun is also pump action. The package comes with 18 Nerf darts so buyers do not have to go out of their way to get more darts.

When Will The League Of Legends Nerf Gun Come Out?


People who are interested in buying the Nerf gun will have plenty of time before the gun actually releases.

Fishbones will be available to preorder until January 2023. However, the product will actually not release until December 2023. So that means there is plenty of time for interested buyers to save up for the Fishbones Nerf gun.

There are several ways that you can buy the League of Legends Nerf gun. The first way to do it is from the Hasbro website. There, you can pre-order the Fishbones Nerf gun and get updates on the product. Interested buyers can also go through amazon to pre-order the gun as well. As we said above, the gun is expected to release in a year, so there is plenty of time for interested buyers to build up the funds to buy Fishbones.

And that's all. For more on the game, check our section dedicated to League of Legends news, guides, updates, tips, and more.

Featured image courtesy of Hasbro.