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K/DA drop new track More with League of Legends champion Seraphine

K/DA have released a new track featuring the returning voices of Madison Beer, SOYEON and MIYEON of (G)I-DLE, and Jaira Burns, alongside new blood Lexie Liu - and of course, our first taste of Seraphine with K/DA.
K/DA drop new track More with League of Legends champion Seraphine

K/DA’s latest track “More” has debuted with a classy new music video alongside new and old K/DA collaborators. The original Pop/Stars vocalists Madison Beer, Jaira Beer, and SOYEON and MIYEON of (G)I-DLE have reprised their original roles for the track, and Chinese superstar Lexie Liu has provided the vocals for new girl Seraphine.

Half chic sky-scraper, half throne room, the music video for More sees K/DA holding court in impressive surroundings, complete with appropriately imperious attitudes.

Soyeon’s initial verse as Akali hits hard, then Madison Beer steps up with the line “All I’ll ever know / is life up on a throne,” and the style and tone of the song is all but set.

Is it anything new for K/DA stylistically or thematically? No. But it is another incredibly well produced and directed track, and they have “badass, confident and on top of the world” down to a fine art.

Many eyes have also turned to Seraphine, who debuts with K/DA on More. voiced by Lexie Liu and singing partly in Mandarin, you can see Riot’s aim in broadening K/DA’s genre definition and appeal.

By all accounts, it seems to have been fairly effective. Well shot scenes of characterisation - fan-girling over Ahri, posing and laughing with Akali - add touches of humanity to Seraphine, who has been on the receiving end of increasing criticism for being too corporate.

K/DA have teamed up with Seraphine (Picture: YouTube)

The initial hype of Seraphine and her social media accounts has soured somewhat after more information around the champion has been revealed.

Criticisms around similarities to Sona (some unfounded, others with merit), her as-yet poorly explained relationship with Brackern Crystals (the fuel for hextech containing the souls of Skarner’s people… that Seraphine alone can hear), and some slight unease about the “corporate” control of Seraphine’s social media have lead to community backlash.

Riot will be hoping Seraphine’s role within K/DA and her continuing characterisation will counter some of that growing sentiment.

More of her story and dynamic have yet to be revealed, but it may be an uphill battle. Until then, at least her vocals slap.