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LCS Game Changers, Riot’s new initiative for women within League's competitive

After its success in Valorant, Riot has announced LCS Game Changers, where women will have the chance to show their potential at the professional level.
LCS Game Changers, Riot’s new initiative for women within League's competitive

Back in February, Riot announced the creation of Valorant Game Changers, a new tournament circuit focused on giving women and other marginalised genders the chance of competing at a professional level, while being within a safe and inclusive environment.

Now, after the great response from the Valorant’s community, and the good results the program has had in its first six months, Riot Games has revealed the expansion of this project. The LCS Game Changers is a new initiative as part of the North American competitive ladder. Here's what you need to know.

What is LCS Game Changers?

LCS Game Changers will mark an important step toward creating a more diverse and inclusive professional ecosystem, featuring a fully remote experience that will act as both training and scouting grounds. This is for women who are high ELO League of Legends players and will work to transition them into their amateur and professional leagues.

Women at esports
In recent years, more women have been dominating in titles like CS:GO and Valorant. (Picture: ESL)

“We understand this process can be daunting to do alone, and we’re excited to host this event that will act both as a training and scouting ground to provide women with more paths into the esports scene,” said Riot’s staff in their press release.

To kick off this initiative, Riot Games will select 10 highly-skilled women who will be divided into two teams. Over the course of two weeks, participants will gain access to LCS coaching, to hone their skills during frequent scrims and receive advice from several guest speakers on how to advance their careers.

“They will learn the fundamentals of becoming a pro, practice their skills, scrim against internal and external teams, and work with coaches and analysts to gain insight on how they can improve, covering topics such as Life of a Pro and Mental Resilience, to better equip them to transition into the next step of their esports career,” added Riot.

LCS Game Changers Studio
LCS Game Changers can bring a new generation of talented players into League's professional scene. (Picture: Riot Games)

At the end of the program, both teams will compete in a best-of-five match from the LCS Studio, which will be streamed live from the Riot Games’ Twitch channel and LoL Esports’ Youtube channel.

How can I apply for LCS Game Changers?

All interested players can now apply by filling out this online form, with submissions closing in the first week of September. Chosen players will be notified in mid-September.

For the inaugural event, all players must be residents of the United States or Canada, be 13 years of age or older, and have the ability to submit game footage recordings.

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Header image via Riot Games.