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LCS Spring 2021: Week 1 Day 1 Highlights

With a great showing from new signings and promising performance from various teams, the LCS Spring season has kicked off.
LCS Spring 2021: Week 1 Day 1 Highlights

After a few weeks of waiting and with the LCS Lock In coming to an end, the Spring 2021 season of the League Championship Series has begun, where the ten best teams in North America will compete in their battle to advance to the Mid-Season Showdown.

From GINX Esports we bring you the summary of everything that happened on this first day of competition.

TSM vs FlyQuest

The game began quietly with both teams doing small damage exchanges. TSM took the first Herald, while FLY got the first dragon. It was not until the 12th minute where, thanks to an oversight by PowerOfEvil, FLY took the first blood in favor of Josedeodo.

Heading into the midgame, TSM managed to take the first towers, while FLY captured their second dragon and another surprise kill against Lost. By minute 23, FLY attacked the entire TSM in their attempt to stop their pressure in the bottom lane, which ended in TSM's favor by taking four kills, and the tower.

Minutes later, TSM tried to besiege the dragon pit, taking Josedeodo out of the way. FLY responded in a good way preventing them from capturing it and taking several eliminations. Later, another attempt by TSM to take one of these ended with a great fight between both squads, ending in favor of FLY who managed to get the Infernal Dragon Soul.

Moments later, FLY successfully besieged Baron Nashor. With this, they managed to reverse the gold difference and enter the enemy base. TSM focused its resources on taking the Elder Dragon. FLY realized this and with a great play, they managed to divide and exterminate all TSM, to take the first victory of the season moments later.

Team Liquid vs Immortals

The second match of the afternoon began with great exchanges in the upper and lower lane, where both teams came close to getting first blood, while also expending valuable resources. Finally, Revenge managed to take it by completely besieging Alphari at minute 7.

The second match of the afternoon began with great exchanges in the upper and lower lane, where both teams came close to getting first blood, while also spending valuable resources. Finally, Revenge managed to take first blood by completely besieging Alphari at minute 7.

This momentum for Revenge was decisive in the early game, who thanks to good ganks by Xerse, managed to increase his gold and kill advantage. TL did not sit idly by, since with a magnificent rotation from the bottom to the top lane, and a Herald in their favor, they managed to completely bring down the two-lane towers.

IMT tried to retaliate by toppling the towers of the center and bottom lane before minute 15 and leaving the score of the game even. On the other hand, TL decided to focus on the objectives, having three dragons in their favor by the 20th minute.

 A big surprise play by Destiny, who took four kills, unbalanced all of TL, which were hooked into a fight in favor of IMT. As the game progressed, IMT captured two Mountain dragons and increased their advantage, until a clash between both teams that ended in IMT's favor, managed to destroy TL, which fell on their first day after winning the LCS Lock In.

Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves

The third game started favoring EG, who in addition to stealing the blue upgrade of 100T, obtained the first blood by exterminating Closer, and later taking Damonte's life with a dominant Svenskeren, although 100T achieved their first objective killing a dragon.

The trades leveled up after Closer managed to steal the Herald, Impact tried to escape it until he ran into Ssumday. A teleportation from Jiizuke and the arrival of Svenskeren managed to even things out, taking several kills in EG's favor.

With the Herald of Closer, 100T brought down the first tower in the bottom lane. EG did not stop giving an intense fight since they managed to accumulate many more kills due to the carelessness of 100T thanks to great map control and good team composition. By the 30th minute, the advantage in all aspects was in favor of EG, however, the gold difference was only 3,000.

A few minutes later, several clashes would ensue near the Baron's Pit, which ended up being annihilated by 100T, with EG obtaining the Cloud Dragon Soul instead. Finally, at minute 45 an attempt to hook 100T by EG ended up condemning them, since 100T was able to attack with everything eliminating four of their players, to close the game and take their first point.

Golden Guardians vs Cloud9

Unlike the other matches today, this one proved to be a more uneven one, due to Niles underperforming in the top lane with 4 kills after being besieged several times by Fudge and Blaber. GG responded aggressively summoning a Herald in this lane, managing to take down the two towers.

C9 was not far behind, being able to knock down the first tower in the bottom lane and eliminate the first three dragons of the game before the 20th minute. It should be noted the great participation of both Iconic and Blaber, the jungles of both teams which had a good target control, such as participation in kills.

Starting the middle game, C9 attempted to tie up the Dragon Soul, however, GG managed to both timely eliminate Blaber and steal the dragon, to give them a little extra time and resilience. C9 responded to this by rotating and taking the Baron Nashor.

In the 28th minute, another duel came early towards the dragon's pit, this time C9 managed to exterminate almost all of GG, taking the Mountain Dragon Soul, for thus moments later to destroy the nexus and take the victory.

Dignitas vs CLG

The last game of the day brought us one of the most patient duels of the day, with both teams making small exchanges without success, as it was not until the 11th minute that CLG managed to take the first blood. A few moments later would come the first big play of DIG, which took two kills in the bottom lane.

As the early game progressed, both squads began to emerge with a few extra kills and multiple dragons taken out, while the gold difference remained even. A poor engage by Finn and Smoothie in the mid lane managed to force a big fight, in which CLG came out with their hand raised as they took four kills to three.

However, DIG managed to respond in a great way thanks to their ADC Neo, who managed to take a triple kill and later take down Baron Nashor. Thanks to this, DIG was able to take the second dragon and enter the enemy base.

CLG was able to respond to enemy pressure with a good ambush, giving them a few extra minutes in which DIG took the opportunity to exterminate the Baron. After several attempts to close the game, a good positioning by Neo and Soligo managed to sentence the last team fight, with which DIG closes the day with a victory.

LCS Spring 2021: Week 1 Day 2 Matches

For tomorrow, we will have the following matches:

lcs day 2
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