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League of Legends 11.10 early patch notes: Champion and items changes, new skins, and more

Champions of all lines are being targeted, as well as changes implemented to stabilize the metagame of the jungle.
League of Legends 11.10 early patch notes: Champion and items changes, new skins, and more

Being a day early but as is tradition, Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, the Gameplay Design Lead for League of Legends, has revealed some of the changes coming to the game in Patch 11.10 through his personal Twitter account.

For this patch much of the changes will be focused on the jungle accessibility changes presented by Riot a few days ago, as well as some slight balance update for champions of all the lanes, and ending with the comeback of a Runic skinline.

League of Legends 11.10 patch: Champion changes

Starting with the revealed nerfs, some of the champions that have dominated the Rift in the last few weeks since their gameplay changes like Darius, Talon, and Katarina will be some of the affected, after having a good win rate in high ELOs around the world.

league 11.10 patch notes(Picture: Riot Games)

As well, many champions from the bot lane are on the eye of the balance team, with Jinx being the main subject and CC supports like Thresh, Galio and Bard also being closely evaluated for nerfs.

On the other side, some champions focused on AP will be benefited with Lux, Zyra and Yuumi getting buffs on some of their abilities to improve their win rates, as well as other hybrid champions like Irelia, Kennen and Kayle who haven’t seen a lot of activity in the latest patches.

lol 11.10 patch notes(Picture: Riot Games)

And as we said earlier in this article, Riot has been working on lots of changes to improve the Jungle accessibility for low ELO players, including changes to the Smite, updates to the stats of the camps, and some new features to make the jungle a more accessible place for everyone around.

League of Legends 11.10 patch: Item and rune changes

As for the items, four of them are right now on the sight with the first one revealed on the PBE being the Riftmaker, which will receive a change in its Void Corruption passive damage, going from 2% bonus damage (max 10%) to 3% bonus damage (max 9%).

11.10 champion nerfs(Picture: Riot Games)

Other items appointed for changes are the AP-based Abyssal Mask, the iconic Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and the mythic Goredrinker, which will receive an adjustment on its fighter stats.

Also for the first time in a long period, a Keystone will receive a balance change, with the Phase Rush having updates in all of its stats on the PBE, affecting its bonus movespeed, duration, and with an overhaul in its cooldown.

League of Legends 11.10 Pre-Patch: New skins

Finally, new skins and chromas are coming into the game, based on the Arcana skinline but now with a more fiery design, with skins in development for Camille, Lucian, Xerath and Tahm Kench, who will also receive a mini rework in its abilities in the next few days.

Remember some of the changes can remain in the PBE realm as these are tentative, however you can get a first view of how these will affect the metagame once they become available.

The League of Legends Patch 11.10 will be released on the live servers on 12th May.