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League of Legends 11.12 patch notes: Dr. Mundo rework, champion changes, Pool Party skins, and more

Riot has released all updates coming with patch 11.12, being a lighter patch than usual featuring the VGU of the Madman of Zaun.
League of Legends 11.12 patch notes: Dr. Mundo rework, champion changes, Pool Party skins, and more

As every two weeks, Riot has revealed today all changes coming into League of Legends with patch 11.12, hitting the live servers on 9th June.

Differing from previous patches, this will be lighter than usual as it will be focused on making adjustments to some champions, bringing some nerfs around the best of the current meta, and featuring the long-awaited debut of Dr. Mundo’s VGU after nearly a year in development.

Patch 11.12: Dr. Mundo’s rework

League of Legends v11.12 patch notes(Picture: Riot Games)

As mentioned before, the Madman of Zaun is finally getting his much-anticipated update, making lots of changes to all of his abilities and also updating his champion models in all of his skins, making him seem more human-like, while retaining his characteristic humour.

For a limited time only Dr. Mundo’s skins will be available in the in-game store, so if you are missing some in your collection or you want to grab your favourite, then don’t waste your time and go buy it now. You can check everything you need to know on Dr. Mundo’s VGU in our full overview article.

Patch 11.12: Champion changes

Let’s move on to the champion updates, as many solo laners and a couple of junglers and AD carries are in the sights for this patch’s balance changes.

League of Legends v11.12 patch notes update(Picture: Riot Games)

Starting with the buffs, Rammus’ W base bonus armour will be increased and his R cooldown will also be decreased, along with Jarvan IV’s W cooldown. Hecarim has been one of the most affected on the latest patches, so this time he will get some love by increasing his base armour and his Q’s damage ratio.

Illaoi received little tweaks to her base Mana Growth, while Malphite’s W on-hit damage is getting increased along with Draven’s Q bonus damage.

Finally, the biggest changes in the patch comes with Aphelios who will see an improvement in his base magic resist and AD growth, and his Q’s base stats, and with Ziggs getting his Q’s base damage increased later, and his R’s missile speed increased.

New skins lol v11.12(Picture: Riot Games)

Moving onto the nerfs, lots of top laners will be under the hammer starting with Nasus getting his passive life steal decreased, Wukong’s base AD growth and Q’s damage ratio decreasing, Renekton’s Q non-champion healing reduced, and Gnar’s base AD getting lower by two points.

For the mid lane, Talon’s W initial damage will be decreased, however its return damage will be buffed. As for the bot lane, Varus’ W maximum bonus damage will be hit hard at all levels, and Kai’Sa’s Q cooldown will be higher in all but its last level. Finally, good ol’ Udyr’s R cone base damage will be lower, but its AP ratio will be upped by 10%.

Patch 11.12: New skins

To cap this patch, two new skins perfect for the season are getting their release making a splash in the Summoner’s Rift. Pool Party Braum and Pool Party Sett will be available starting tomorrow in the in-game for 1,350 RP each.

Lol patch 11.12(Picture: Riot Games)

Eight chromas for both skins will also be available for you to buy at 290 RP each, depending which is your preferred style and colour schemes for these two sleek champions.

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