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League of Legends patch 11.9 will bring much needed Chemtank and Hecarim nerfs

Game’s lead developer has shared the upcoming changes on his social media
League of Legends patch 11.9 will bring much needed Chemtank and Hecarim nerfs

Lead gameplay designer for League of Legends, Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, has shared the first list of changes coming to the game with patch 11.9.

The patch, even though it’s the one upcoming Mid-Season Invitational will be played on, aims to change almost 20 champions and five items.

league of legends 11.9 patch
(Picture: Mark Yetter)

On the list of nerfed items, we will find one of the most abused things in the game, Turbo Chemtank. Developers surely want to make it not being an instantly bought item on many of the current in-meta champions.

On the other hand, Moonstone Renewer will find yet another buff.

lol patch 11.9
(Picture: Mark Yetter)

Ten heroes will be weakened in League of Legends patch 11.9, with players probably being most excited about Hecarim ones. The Shadow of War is currently one of the most powerful, and hence one of the most popular junglers in the game, making the life of many laners tough.

Additionally, Riot Games plans to nerf such champions as Morgana, Diana, Vladimir and Gragas.

league of legends new buffs and nerfs
(Picture: Mark Yetter)

On the other hand, almost ten characters will be bolstered in the upcoming League patch. Among them, we will find for example Kog’Maw, Shen and Kindred, who have been out of professional play for quite a while.

Maybe those changes will make them more viable for it, making players pick them on the MSI 2021. Although, without the specific details we can’t know for sure.

Patch 11.9 will go live in more than a week, on April 28th. Further details about it should be known in the forthcoming days.