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League of Legends’ Pentakill returns with third album, Lost Chapter

The band makes a comeback after a four-year break.
League of Legends’ Pentakill returns with third album, Lost Chapter

Pentakill, a band that consists of League of Legends champions such as Karthus and Mordekaiser, announced its return to music after a four-year-old hiatus. The music group will return with a third album, Lost Chapter, on  8th September of this year.

You can pre-save the new album today on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer.

Pentakill is similar to K/DA, a pop star group made of characters taken from the popular MOBA game. They are a predominantly heavy metal band and the first band created by Riot Games, with their first album being out in 2014, and second in 2017.

The band already made a minor comeback this year by appearing at the finals of LCS Mid-Season Showdown earlier this year, which were hosted at Los Angeles Greek Theatre. 

Lost chapter Pentakill
The album cover of the Lost Chapter, the latest release from Pentakill. (Picture: Riot Games)

It remains unknown how many songs will be featured on Pentakill’s newest album, however, Riot’s creative director Christian “Praeco” Linke’s suggested last year there would be “up to 10 or so”.

Similarly to the K/DA group, champions who star in Pentakill also have their own band skins, which are still viable to purchase in the League of Legends’ shop. The heroes who have already starred as members of the group are Karthus, Kayle, Mordekaiser, Olaf, Sona, and Yorick. We don’t know which of them will return as a part of the third album, or if any of them will do so at all. 

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