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League of Legends’ Sentinels skin line: Release date, champions, price, and more

New Sentinels are coming to protect the Runeterra from the Ruin.
League of Legends’ Sentinels skin line: Release date, champions, price, and more

Riot Games has revealed details about the new Sentinels skin line for League of Legends. Those will be coming for five champions: Diana, Irelia, Olaf, Riven and Vayne. Pantheon on the other hand will be receiving a Ruined skin.

Sentinel skin line - release date

As the newest additions to the Sentinel skin line hit the PBE servers today, this means that Rise of the Sentinels, the event that will add them to the game, should start in 2 weeks. Patch 11.14 is scheduled for July 8th, and the event should last about a month.

Sentinel skins- price

It's not yet known how much the Sentinels skin line will be, although it will likely cost 1350 RP each, similar to the price point of the Ruined skins back that were released in January.

Sentinel skins - champions

As said before, six champions will be receiving new skins, although one of them, Pantheon, will be slightly different, as he will be getting a Ruined skin. The other five heroes are Diana, Irelia, Olaf, Riven and Vayne.

Ruined Pantheon

League of Legends Ruined Pantheon

Sentinel Vayne

League of Legends Sentinel Vayne

Sentinel Irelia

League of Legends Sentinel Irelia

Sentinel Olaf

League of Legends Sentinel Olaf

Sentinel Riven

League of Legends Sentinel Riven

Sentinel Diana

League of Legends Sentinel Diana

Riot has also shared a video showing us how the newest skins look in-game. The visuals look truly stunning, with everyone’s skills having that pale white tone.


All images courtesy of Riot Games.