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League of Legends streamer Hashinshin banned from Twitch following grooming allegations

Hashinshin, a popular League of Legends streamer, has denied grooming accusations directed against him, branding them “peak misinformation”.
League of Legends streamer Hashinshin banned from Twitch following grooming allegations


Hashinshin has been handed an indefinite permanant ban from Twitch following allegations of grooming. 

After word of the Twitch ban was confirmed, the streamer explained on Twitter how it's a permanent ban from the platform. 

“It’s an indefinite permanent ban,” Hashinshin wrote. “Starting to regret giving away my money but I know people needed it at the time. 

“I’ll figure something out, I’m good at that. Until then I just survive. You guys will be back to hating having me on your team one day.”

He’s since admitted to engaging in “appropriate conversation with teenage women”, stating specifically two stories brought forward were true. 

Hashinshin however did claim he hadn’t sent, or asked for, any explicit photographs from anyone below the age of 18. 


Original story:

League of Legends streamer Robert “Hashinshin” Brotz has denied allegations of grooming a minor, made by members of the community. 

Hashinshin, who has amassed over half a million followers on Twitch, was the subject of a YouTube video on 15th July titled “Exposing All The Sexual Misconduct of Hashinshin” which made numerous allegations against the streamer. 

These allegations were amplified when League of Legends player Maya “Caltys” Henckel came forward to accuse Hashinshin of grooming her when she was 15-years-old over online platforms.

Prominent figures in the League of Legends community, like Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahan have since called out Hashinshin over his alleged behaviour, describing him as a “manipulator” and “predator”. 

After initially denying the allegations, claiming the social media response caused him to attempt suicide, he’s since doubled down on his denial on Twitter in response to Voyboy. 

“I just want to affirm I’ve done nothing illegal, just been a shi*ty human,” Hashinshin wrote. “I can’t reply any further because this issue has peaked peak misinformation and I’m going to try to delete twitter and log off.

“I deny grooming. That is a crime.”

He added: “What bothers me now is I can’t even apologise because you guys are saying if I apologise I’m apologising for what you’re accusing me of, not of what I’m apologising for. 

“If you want to see me taken down legally or go to jail, I promise you I will not go to jail.”

The streamer also responded in a video outlining events, claiming the initial video against him was full of “fake accusations”, while evidence had also been doctored. 

Hashinshin also claims a carbon monoxide leak in his home between 2010 and 2018 had damaged his brain and memory, leaving it in a “very fogged state”. 

There’s been many allegations of sexual misconduct within gaming and esports over recent months, with developer Ubisoft recently under scrutiny for abusive workplace management. 

The Super Smash Bros. community, and wider FGC, was also in the spotlight after numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, causing players and casters to be driven out of the scene.