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League of Legends - Updated Honor Rewards and System Changes

Here's what to expect from the updated Honor rewards and Honor system changes in League of Legends.
League of Legends - Updated Honor Rewards and System Changes

The Honor system has been a part of League of Legends since back in 2012 and was integrated to provide players with an incentive to behave more positively in-game, as the norm was a fairly toxic environment before then. Now, this system is receiving a new update that promises to improve on this base idea and reward players even more for their good behavior. 

We will be taking an in-depth look at everything the developers over at Riot Games are planning to deliver with the upcoming Honor system update. From the new rewards that will be made available to the general information, we've been given about the system as it stands. 

League of Legends - Updated Honor System Rewards and Changes

The League of Legends honor system was added to the game to reward players who behave well in their games. Players are honored by other players for good behavior, which raises their honor level.

League of Legends Updated Honor System Rewards and Changes Rewards with Skins for good behaviour
The Honor System rewards players for their good behaviour with items such as the Grey Warwick skin. (Picture: Riot Games)

As they progress through the Honor levels, they will gain access to special rewards in the game, such as the Grey Warwick skin, incentivizing players to continue their good behavior. But Riot Games didn't stop there, as there are now changes being made to the Honor system that we will walk you through below. 

League Of Legends - Updated Honor Rewards

Firstly and arguably most importantly, would be the new rewards that Riot Games have implemented into the Honor System. These are vital as they serve as the driving incentive for players to feel rewarded for their good behavior in-game. 

As stated byHana Dinh, aka,TimTamMonster, the Product Lead for Behavioral Systems at Riot Games: "we want to ensure you continue to feel that your efforts to behave positively are directly recognized with appropriate rewards". To this end, they have implemented a new Skinline called The Three Honors Skinline and its 2022 entrant: Three Honors Malzahar.

League of Legends Updated Honor System Rewards and Changes Three Honors Skinline Malzahar
Three Honors Malzahar is the new skin rewarded for players who reach Honor 5. (Picture: Riot Games)

This Skinline will be available for those who reach the highest honor ranking, Honor 5, by the end of the Season in 2022. They have traditionally added a new chroma to the Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick skins each year for players to choose from when they reach Honor 5. 

These new chromas are being replaced by the Three Honors skin line, however, the token that can be redeemed for Twitch, Warwick, or their previous chromas will remain in Honor 5 capsules. 

League Of Legends - Honor System Changes and Insight

The developers have also given us more insight into the Honor system and how it will work moving forward from the time of writing. The information can very likely change in the future as Riot makes adjustments to improve the end-user experience and community experience on the whole. 

The first thing you might ask is how Honor is calculated, well that's been a question posed by the games to the Riot team for a while, and although they can't make the process too transparent to avoid players simply grinding Honor. They have given us some insight into how the system works from a holistic perspective. 

The more consistently positive you are, the faster your Honor progresses per game. The occasional slip-up will not derail your momentum, but switching between negative and positive behavior will.

Furthermore, if everyone on your team honors someone, each of you receives an additional boost to your honor score, even if you weren't directly honored. Quite notably, the type of game you play affects how much honor you get: Ranked Solo = Ranked Flex > Normals = ARAM = Event Modes > Co-op vs AI. This reflects the risks involved and the level of social interaction available in each queue.

League of Legends Updated Honor System Rewards and Changes The Three Honors Skinline in future and more
Riot Games says the future will bring more from The Three Honors Skinline along with more Honor system changes and updates. (Picture: Riot Games)

Lastly, Riot Games is looking to the future as well with various updates that promise to improve the community surrounding the game. As stated by TimTamMonster: "We’re working on exciting updates that will allow us to evaluate text live in-game, preventing you from being exposed to the detected inappropriate text and muting those players for the rest of the game. We’re also finally going to be adding the ability to report players in-game, as soon as the disruptive behavior happens

"We’ll be adding a pre-made chat channel, allowing you to maintain communication with those you’ve selected in your team without needing to be exposed to potentially disruptive chat by randomly matchmade teammates. And we’re working on improving your ability to play again with those you’ve enjoyed playing with in the past by providing easy ways to create parties with players you’ve honored or have honored you."

And that's all. For more on the game, check our section dedicated to League of Legends news, guides, updates, tips, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.