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LoL Udyr Champion - Release Date, Abilities, More

Riot Games has revealed the next champion visual and gameplay update, Udyr the Spirit Walker, through a new champion trailer.
LoL Udyr Champion - Release Date, Abilities, More

In recent times, Riot Games have been providing League of Legends fans with refreshes to important characters via VGUs (visual game updates). These reworks not only change up the play style of the character in question, but their physical appearance is altered as well creating all-new gameplay possibilities.

The most recent VGU and rework is for Udyr, and it's certainly going to be popular amongst fans as Udyr was one of the most requested VGUs in the title. Follow along with our breakdown below for the League of Legends Udyr Champion VGU including the release date, abilities, and more.

LoL Udyr Re-work Release Date

Udyr meditate rework
Udyr is almost ready to debut with a whole new look and abilities. (Picture: Riot Games)

The League of Legends Udyr re-work has been confirmed as scheduled to be part of the LoL Patch 12.16 update. There was hope amongst many players that Udyr would be ready to roll for the 1st of August, but Riot Games is taking the final few days to make any needed last-minute tweaks and adjustments.

Expect to see Udyr's re-work roll out in the second week of August, which will bring so much new excitement to the already ultra-famous MOBA title.

Udyr Re-work Abilities

While the trailer did not reveal much gameplay breakdown, we do think we've seen the first look at some of Udyr's re-worked moves. These appear to be Basic attacks offering different buffs, as well as an awesome-looking Champion attack, check them all out below.

Strength of the Bear

Udyr Strength of the Bear ability
Udyr Strength of the Bear. (Picture: Riot Games)

Drive of the Ram

Udyr Drive of the Ram ability
Udyr Drive of the Ram. (Picture: Riot Games)

Will of the Boar

Udyr Will of the Boar ability
Udyr Will of the Boar. (Picture: Riot Games)

Cold Fury of the Phoenix

Udyr Cold Fury of the Phoenix
Cold Fury of the Phoenix. (Picture: Riot Games)

The all-new look of Udyr is certainly enticing, and with the character being previously so outdated, expect a major pick-up in his selection. Speaking of the trailer, have a look for yourself below at all the excitement surrounding the Udyr re-work.

And that's all. For more on the game, check our section dedicated to League of Legends guides, news, tips, and more.


Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.