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League of Legends
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LEC Final could be repeated at Worlds, as G2 Esports and Fnatic find themselves on opposite sides of the bracket

The play-offs of the World Championship surely will bring tons of excitement, and quite possibly some of the most interesting rematches of the season.
After the conclusion of today’s games, in which Top Esports topped group D of the League of Legends World Championship, followed by DRX in the second place, a draw of the play-offs bracket took place.

European fans will have mixed feelings about the chances of LEC teams making it past quarters, as both G2 Esports and Fnatic have found themselves against tough opponents. 

On one side of the bracket, the European champions will face off against Gen.G, LCK’s third seed which triumphed in group C, taking first place. The winner of this clash will go against the winner of LCK Summer Split final rematch - DAMWON Gaming versus DRX. Undoubtedly, if G2 manages to make it through quarters, their semi-final will be even more difficult. 

Second LEC squad, Fnatic, has found itself on the other side of the bracket. In their first and very possibly last match, Europe’s runner up will face off against the tournament’s favourites, Top Esports.

The Chinese roster consists of superstars, and has only lost one game so far. If Martin “Rekkles” Larsson and Co. manage to make it to the next stage, they will face the winner of Suning and JD Gaming clash.

Some of the most interesting rematches might take place in the upcoming play-offs, most notably the final of LPL’s Summer season, where JD Gaming took Top Esports to five games.

Worlds 2020 playoffs fnatic
(Picture: Riot Games)

European fans will surely hold their fingers crossed for the Fnatic - G2 Esports match, as it could only happen in a grand final.