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Lillia's ability guide: LoL's new champion and what she does

Riot’s latest champion release is slated to be played as a jungler, but what does she actually do? And how good is she going to be at doing it?
Lillia's ability guide: LoL's new champion and what she does

It’s been some time since Riot released a jungler for League of Legends - 2017, with Kayn’s release in fact - and Lillia’s recent reveal has caught player's attention. The aesthetic of a shy, magical faun braving her fears to save her mother, (a magical tree, by the way), is certainly evocative, but the more pertinent thought on players’ brains is what does she do?



Lilia’s Kit


Dream-Laden Bough
Passive - Dream-Laden Bough
Lilia’s abilities apply “Dream Dust” to targets she hits, which is a DoT, dealing a percentage of the target’s max HP as magic damage. This is key to her jungle clear, and was allegedly so strong during development she could solo Baron at level 1…


Blooming blows ability guide for lilia lol hero
Q - Blooming Blows
Deals magic damage in an area around her, with a sweet-spot in an outer-ring that deals true damage. If she hits the ability, she gains move-speed. The move-speed stacks up to 5 times, making her a kiting queen if you can hit her Q appropriately.


Watch out ability
W - Watch Out! Eep!
Lilia winds up and deals big magic damage to enemies, with those at the center taking increased damage. Might be hard to consistently land without set-up, but looks like a big damage dealer… if you can land it right.


Swirlseed League of Legends Lilia ability guide
E - Swirlseed
The one ability Riot had already teased. A global line skill-shot that deals magic damage and slows enemies on contact. It is blocked by terrain, however. Likely her set-up ability, with some room for trying to clean up enemies who are attempting to run away.


Lilting Lullaby lilia guide
R - Lilting Lullaby
Increasingly slows enemies affected by her Dream Dust, then sends them to sleep. When awakened by damage, enemies will take additional magic damage. An AoE, non-targeted Zoe Bubble? Sounds like a lot of reasons to run cleanse!


How She Works

Lillia’s kit looks good for her intended role in the jungle - especially if she looks to start red buff. With her AoE clear on Q and W, magic damage focus, and the percent health DoT on her passive, a red-quadrant clear with its multi-target, low magic resist camps sounds like a good jungle start for Lilia. One concern, however, is her general lack of hard cc (outside of Lilting Lullaby) or sustain, which leaves the Bashful Blossom susceptible to losing early duels - watch out for those Kha’zix invades...


(Picture: Riot Games)


Lillia’s kit sets her up well for post-6 teamfights, too, with a wealth of AoE abilities and a stacking move-speed steroid on her Q. Her teamfight combo is likely to be E, into Q for the move speed, into R to set up big damage for her W, and maybe finishing up those fleeing Lilia-induced nightmares with a second E or Q. 

It is difficult to call what items Lillia will go for without seeing her in action, but as a low-range AP carry, a bruiser build is likely - ask yourself, what would Mordekaiser or Diana build?


For those waiting to see Lillia in action, the Bashful Blossom is set to release during next patch’s Spirit Blossom Festival event. An absolute date has not yet been set.