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Meet Lillia, the Bashful Bloom, the latest addition to LoL’s champion roster

The newest champion to grace the Rift has been confirmed to be Lilia, the Bashful Bloom - a fairytale faun, who’ll be taking to the jungle in League of Legends!
Meet Lillia, the Bashful Bloom, the latest addition to LoL’s champion roster

Replete with Scottish lilt and mystical woodland aesthetics, the faun-come-centaur Lilia is set to be League’s latest champion.



The Bashful Bloom is scheduled to release during the upcoming Spirit Blossom event, which has already been confirmed to include the re-release of Nexus Blitz, alongside the debut of a new skin-line under the same Spirit Blossom title.

The news comes as the culmination of deliberate teasers by Riot and alleged leaks around Lilia’s splash art that have now been proven true.


Lilia the bashful bloom league of legends next hero
(Picture: Riot Games)


What we know about Lillia

The bevy of teasers and videos Riot has released for Lillia contained some juicy information both about the new addition to LoL and hinted at some further reveals yet to come…

For Lillia herself, Riot had already confirmed the Bashful Bloom was to be a “mid-range skirmisher, frolicking in and out of the fray,” from the jungle position - the first new jungler to be released since Kayn’s release in 2017. The Champion Roadmap had already hinted that Lilia was going to have her powers and lore developed around the concept of “dreaming,” and the new Champion Insights has delved deeper into that.


Lilia League of Legends LoL Bashful Boom
(Picture: Riot Games)


Lillia is the daughter of the “Mother Tree” that has shown her dreams of a world beyond her garden, dreams that have taught her to appreciate the “sparkle” in everyone. Dreams that she now needs to harvest from the wider world to keep her mother alive, despite her shy and skittish nature.

Spirit Blossom Skins


Lillia’s launch skin will be from a new skin-line called “Spirit Blossom”, alongside Yasuo, Teemo (who will be receiving a prestige version as well), Vayne, and a shockingly human Thresh. Lillia’s version has her nervously prancing through mirky woods, decked in white and ethereal purple.


Spirit Blossom skinline Lilia
Lillia’s launch skin, from the new Spirit Blossom skin-line. (Picture: Riot Games)


The skins share similarities with both the Elderwood and Death Blossom lines, with the latter in particular rumoured to be making a return in the near future.

Many were surprised to see Kindred not included in the upcoming skin-line, especially as they had been confirmed to be receiving a skin at some point this year. Indeed, in the “Beyond the Garden” video they seemed to be teased with a Lamb and a Wolf mask present within the cinematic.


League of Legends KindredA Kindred teaser? (Picture: Riot Games)


Then again, that might be because Riot is setting up Kindred to be joining another potential surprise...


Is Yone Coming to LoL?

That surprise being Yasuo’s brother, Yone. Yone has already made his way to Legends of Runeterra, so rumours have been floating about a potential appearance in LoL proper. Following teasers in Lilia’s release, Yasuo and Yone’s family strife, and bad blood that has driven the two brothers apart following the death of their master, might finally be hitting the Rift!


Riven league of legends
Riven, haunted by her nightmares… and possibly Yone. (Picture: Riot Games)


In the Lillia cinematic, aside from what appeared to be Kindred’s masks, was Riven consumed by nightmares. Within League’s lore, it is Riven who killed Yasuo and Yone’s master. It’s more than possible the shadowy figure reaching out for her is actually Yone.


Yasuo LoL
Who’s in Yasuo’s distorted reflection? (Picture: Riot Games)


Hidden easter eggs in Yasuo’s upcoming Spirit Blossom splash-art seem to be pointing Yone’s way, too. Why is Yasuo’s sword distorted in his reflection? Is it even Yasuo at all…

Lillia, the Bashful Bloom, will be included in the next update with the Spirit Blossom event alongside the associated skins.