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LoL 11.7 update: Riot shares data for champion buffs and nerfs

League’s Gameplay Design Director unveils further details about the upcoming patch, which surely will shake the balance in the game.
LoL 11.7 update: Riot shares data for champion buffs and nerfs

League of Legends’ Gameplay Design Director shared has shared a list of changes set to be made to various champions in patch 11.7.

As anticipated by yesterday’s tweet, this time champions will be leading the list of adjustments. Seventeen of them will be updated in total, with eight nerfed and nine buffed.

League of Legends v11.7 champion nerfs

Most of the nerfs should be inconsequential in the bigger picture, as their impact seems to be tiny, especially when you look at Tristana or Ivern. Two points less of attack damage or 20 points less of maximum ability damage shouldn’t make them unplayable in the game. There are few exceptions though, such as Alistar and Hecarim. The former will have his two skills considerably weakened, and the latter won’t be able to be as quick as he is now while using Devastating Charge, which is his essential ability.

Champion buffs update 11.7

On the other hand, we have champions which Riot aims to strengthen. As of now, it’s hard to judge how much the changes will affect their playability. It will be undoubtedly interesting to see whether characters such as Yorick, Kindred and Amumu will be picked by players more often, as the upcoming patch aims to bolster and modify their primary skills.

Riot also teased the details about the few items adjustments coming with patch 11.7. Some of the most overused items will be nerfed, with Essence Reaver and Lord Dominik’s Regards statistics significantly decreased. Everfrost is about to be similarly changed, with its damage reduced and cooldown reduction elongated.

League of Legends 11.7 item changes

On the other hand, Trinity Hand and Serylda’s Grudge are getting cosmetic reworks, with Turbo Chemtank having one of its core ability slightly reverted. 

League of Legends’ 11.7 update will go live on Wednesday, 31st March.