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Loldle Splash Answer Today (June 1): Hints, Tips, and Solution

If you're stuck on the Loldle Splash puzzle today, you're in luck - here's the answer.
Loldle Splash Answer Today (June 1): Hints, Tips, and Solution

If you're a fan of League of Legends and a fan of Wordle, you've probably heard of Loldle, the hit new combination of the two that's been exciting and confusing fans for a while now.

In Loldle Splash, one version of Loldle, players need to guess the League of Legends champion from a zoomed-in version of their splash art. Each guess further zooms out the image a bit, making it easier for you to guess.

Guessing a champion from their art isn't always as easy as it sounds, though, so we're here to help you with today's Loldle Splash answer.

Tips for Loldle Splash

league of legends loldle splash
Loldle Splash is simple to play. (Picture: Riot Games)

Before you start guessing the Loldle Splash, you'll want to feel confident that you know what you're doing. Thankfully, though, the game is pretty simple to play.

Before you start guessing the Splash, what will help you most is a deep knowledge of the lore of League of Legends.

If you're not super familiar with the game, we suggest looking at a full list of League's champions while you attempt to guess the Splash. This way, you can rule those out that obviously aren't the character in the Splash and try to narrow it down.

Hints for Today's Loldle Splash

Before we give you the answer to today's Loldle Splash for June 1 let's go over some hints that might be able to help you guess the champion on your own.

This champion is:

  • Male
  • A long-lost ruler

If you still can't think of what champion today's Loldle could be, keep on reading.

Today's Loldle Splash answer

league of legends wordle loldle
Loldle Splash requires players to guess a champion from a zoomed-in picture of their splash art. (Picture: Riot Games)

The answer to Loldle Splash refreshes each and every day with a new champion to guess.

The Loldle Splash answer for today, 1 June is: Viego.

The bonus Splash Name answer for 1 June: is: King Viego.

Guessing today's Loldle Splash may not have been easy since the Splash version of Loldle only provides an extremely zoomed-in version of the splash art for you to choose from.

If you weren't able to guess today's champion on your own, don't give up and try again tomorrow. If you're a fan of League, you might be able to recognize tomorrow's champion even if today's didn't come to mind.

loldle chamption today
Each day, the Loldle Splash answer changes, allowing for an ever-changing game for fans of both League of Legends and Wordle. (Picture: Riot Games)

You can also try out the other versions of Loldle for a refreshing take on the game you know well. If you're curious about the answer to Loldle Ability today, be sure to check out our article on that as well.

We hope that giving you today's Loldle Splash answer will help prevent you from losing your Loldle streak if you couldn't figure out the champion on your own. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next answer to Loldle Splash.

And that's all. For more on the game, check our section dedicated to League of Legends news, guides, updates, tips, and more.

Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.