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MAD Lions overcomes Rogue to become the 2021 LEC Spring champions

After an impressive reverse sweep, the Spanish squad will represent Europe in the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational.
MAD Lions overcomes Rogue to become the 2021 LEC Spring champions

The first weekend of regional finals continues its course, after DWG KIA managed to retain its place as the best team in the finals of the LCK, as well as an unexpected reverse sweep by Infinity Esports in the last playoff series of the LLA.

This time, the 2021 LEC Spring Season Finals took place, where after a historic playoffs with the elimination of G2 Esports and Fnatic, a new European champion would be crowned for the first time since 2016.

On the one hand we have MAD Lions, who after finishing third in the regular season, qualified for the final match through the winners' bracket by beating Rogue and G2 3-1, while Rogue after falling before these, had to fought the hard way beating both Schalke and G2 also by a 3-1 score.

LEC Finals: MAD Lions vs Rogue

Motivated by the instinct of revenge, Rogue began their passage through the finals with a lot of initiative, against a MAD Lions that never stopped proposing in a game more than even. The turning point would come at minute 23 where after winning a fight in the dragon pit, Rogue built an advantage the Spanish team could not overcome, taking the first game.

By the second game and keeping up, Rogue kept proposing and attacking hard with a four-kill lead throughout the early game. A poor fight execution during the 23rd minute would level the waters for MAD Lions, eliminating four members of Rogue and the Baron Nashor.

From here, the game remained in a global tie until minute 43 where a fight for the Dragon Soul opened the doors of victory for Rogue, against a MAD Lions who could not with all the pressure of their late-game with an unstoppable snowball.

The third game came with a big change of mentality on the part of the lions, since despite being on the ropes, their desire to lift the trophy was stronger by submitting Rogue throughout the game, getting their first point in the final series after 35 minutes.

And if the previous game seemed to be an awakening for MAD Lions, the fourth game was a total slaughter. Even with the good proposals and attempts by Rogue to stop the Spaniards, their fighting spirit and desire for glory was much stronger, having the tie in their hands in just 23 minutes, being the shortest game of the series.

The final duel was a war without quarter from beginning to end, having team fights, exchanges of objectives, and kills everywhere, with both squads playing for all or nothing. In the end, after several successful engages by MAD Lions, they managed to overcome Rogue in a resounding way, taking the final battle and claiming the LEC title for the first time in their history.

Thus, with this victory MAD Lions will represent Europe during the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, accompanying the regional champions, DWG KIA (LCK), Pentanet.GG (LCO), Gillette Infinity Esports (LLA), and DetonatioN FocusMe (LJL).

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The next qualified team to the international event in Iceland will be defined in the next few hours, with the LCS Mid-Season Showdown finals between Cloud9 and Team Liquid.