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Nexus Blitz set to return to League of Legends

Files for a revamped and rebranded Nexus Blitz mode have been found within the PBE for League of Legends.
Nexus Blitz set to return to League of Legends

League’s upcoming Summer Festival event is now all but guaranteed to include the return of Nexus Blitz. Files on LoL’s Public Beta Environment have revealed a revamped map for the removed game-mode, now reskinned in Ionian colours.


Nexus Blitz LoL league of legends game mode
The Nexus Blitz map, now in Ionian colours. (Picture: Riot Games)


Nexus Blitz made waves when it was first introduced to League of Legends as a fast-paced 5v5 mode with an eclectic combination of random in-game events, massive team-fights and Nexus on Nexus mecha-combat. If that sounds like a lot to take in, that’s because it was.

Riot had initially considered making Nexus Blitz a permanent game-mode, especially with the then-planned and now removed 3v3 Twisted Treeline map. However, while initial engagement was high, the novelty wore off with players who raised concerns about some of the imbalances of in-game events and the uninspiring map updates.


Nexus Blitz game mode leak
(Picture: Riot Games)


Riot’s hunt for an experimental game-mode that they could convert into a permanent addition to League of Legends was finally answered, when their auto-battler Teamfight Tactics became a success.

For Nexus Blitz though, this will be a new lease on life. Players have been vocal about League’s most recent events being lacklustre, with little incentive to engage aside from token drops for exclusive loot. 

At their finest, they’ve included exciting new additions and game-modes - look to Star Guardian: Invasion and Odyssey: Extraction - and while Riot has been leery about committing to new game modes, a return and rebrand of Nexus Blitz is certainly an improvement.

Nexus Blitz is currently on the PBE, set for release sometime in the 8.14 cycle.