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More Spirit Blossom skins leaked... and Yone confirmed?

Ahri, Kindred, Riven, and Cassiopeia have all been leaked as part of the upcoming Spirit Blossom skin line… but perhaps the biggest bombshell is Yasuo’s brother Yone being leaked in the skin line alongside them!
More Spirit Blossom skins leaked... and Yone confirmed?

With Lilia, the Bashful Bloom’s reveal yesterday, the LoL community has been dissecting all the teasers Riot left for people to uncover. Some have gone a little deeper than others!



Resourceful Twitter users and eagle-eyed PBE watchers have picked up a number of new additions to the upcoming Spirit Blossom skin line, namely Cassiopeia, Riven and a legendary skin for Ahri.


Spirit Blossom skins leaks, Spirit Blossom Yone, Spirit Blossom Ahri, Spirit Blossom Kindred, Spirit Blossom Cassiopiea
Leaked emotes - including one for Kindred in the top right! (Picture: Riot Games)


While there have been no in-game model or splash arts leaks, an upcoming emote for a Spirit Blossom Kindred has been found, confirming League’s own grim reaper archetype will be in the skin line, too. Rumours also abound that the Eternal Hunters may also be found teased in some of Ahri’s leaked art, as well…


Ahri Spirit Blossom League of Legends
A fox form for Ahri… and is that Kindred in the second panel down?


More shockingly still, a Spirit Blossom splash art for as-yet unreleased champion Yone has also been found, as well as voice lines for interactions with him in the upcoming Spirit Blossom skins on the PBE. Whether this will be a full release of Yone (Riot did hint at a new edgy midlane assassin) or just a Yasuo variant skin is still up for debate.


Yasuo splash art league of legends
And now the reflection in Spirit Blossom Yasuo’s splash-art makes sense - welcome to the Rift, Yone. (Picture: Riot Games)


The Spirit Blossom Skins

Here are all the rest of the leaked Spirit Blossom skins!


Ahri Skinline Spirit Blossom LoL
Ahri’s new legendary skin - complete with fox form (Picture: Riot Games)


Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia skin
Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia. (Picture: Riot Games)


Spirit Blossom Riven skin
Spirit Blossom Riven. (Picture: Riot Games)


The Spirit Blossom Festival event will be hitting Summoners’ Rift in patch 10.15 - these skins are leaks and currently have no release date, but players can be hopeful for their release alongside the event.