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Pringles announced as sponsor for LEC 2020 Spring Split

The League Of Legends European Championship has renewed their sponsorship with Pringles, with special prizes on offer through a can promotion.
Pringles announced as sponsor for LEC 2020 Spring Split
  • Pringles is back as a sponsor for the LEC
  • They previously sponsored the LEC Summer Finals last year
  • You can also win a prize to go behind-the-scenes at the LEC studios in Berlin

After being the sponsor for the LEC Summer Finals in 2019, Pringles will be back as the official snacks partner for the 2020 Spring Split.  

The sponsorship also ties in with a special promotion through can codes, where anyone who purchases a pack of Pringles and enters a special code on their website could win an assortment of prizes. 

These include Hextech skins (Hextech Renekton, Hextech Jarvan IV, Hextech Malzahar, Hextech Kog’Maw, Hextech Alistar), EUR 50 Riot Point vouchers, and Hextech chest and keys.

LEC partners with Pringles
Pringles are back as a sponsor (Picture: LEC) 

You'll also only compete against other people across Europe who have registered the code on the same day, so it isn't entirely out of reach. 

10 winners will also be offered the chance to have an exclusive VIP visit to the LEC studios in Berlin, including going behind-the-scenes, meeting the casters, a playtest on stage and free tickets to the show. 

You can enter by purchasing any Pringles can and registering the code on the LEC Pringles website before 5th May 2020.  

The LEC has so far, unsurprisingly, seen G2 Esports dominate the competition. You can check out our past recaps from the first two weeks.