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League of Legends
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Riot reveals Kai’Sa's Prestige K/DA ALL OUT skin

The players of popular marksmen are in for a treat.
According to Dot Esports, popular League of Legends Ad Carry champion Kai’Sa, is about to receive a Prestige skin as Riot unveiled a brand-new skin line called "KD/A ALL OUT."Kda all out prestige, kda skin, Kai Sa KDA all out skin, kda prestige skin(Picture: Riot Games)

The K-pop super group, which consists of in-game champions Kai’Sa, Evelynn, Akali and Ahri are set to have Seraphine join after months of anticipation, with the cosmetic line celebrating the occasion. The former character’s ALL OUT skin is about to be a Prestige one.

Kai’Sa’s new skin will be unlockable for 2,000 Worlds event tokens, which are obtainable through completing Worlds-themed missions. Players have until the 24th November to unlock it, and it is supposed to hit PBE today, following a launch to the live servers on 29th October.

This will be the sixth skin for popular marksmen, as she already has five skins in-game. What’s more, Kai’Sa already has a Prestige skin, which was released after her group’s debut at Worlds 2018.