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Senna, reworked Fiddlesticks and Volibear shown in latest Champion Roadmap

The latest Champion Roadmap introduces players to new champ Senna, the reworks of Fiddlesticks and Volibear and teases four champions coming in the near future.
Senna, reworked Fiddlesticks and Volibear shown in latest Champion Roadmap

October 2019's Champion Roadmap is short but sweet, giving information about Senna's playstyle, the established champions' reworks and the next four upcoming champions that range from a juggernaut to a 'whimsical' new jungler.

Here is a quick summary of the roadmap:



Introduced during the 10th Anniversary stream, Senna is Lucian's wife and comes to League of Legends as a support marksman.

With a massive Relic Cannon as her weapon of choice, she will be providing support from a distance.

New voice lines have been added for Lucian, with the possibility of her spouse being the one fighting in the frontlines with her help offering players a possible duo to pick over Rakan and Xayah.




Fiddlesticks' new kit will be infused with fear at its very core. Alongside his horrifying redesign, opponenets will be left to 'question what is real and what is merely a terrifying effigy.'

A mix of VOs to add to the unsettling nature of the Harbinger of Doom as his point-click status effect will remain in his kit to add to the fear factor.




The Thunder's Roar will see a significant redesign that leaves the bear almost unrecognisable from his previous panserbjørn inspired aesthetic.

His playstyle direction has been settled, moving from permanent unstoppability to a true thunder god with the power of lightning in his paws.


New Champions

Four new champions in total have been hinted at in this roadmap.

  • A whimsical new jungler
  • An edgy solo-lane melee carry
  • An Ionian juggernaut that thrives at the centre of a brawl
  • A devout marksman raised from birth to protect the faith from those who stand in the sun

More is set to be revealed in the next roadmap but we can expect at least one of these champions to be released in early 2020.

Even though Riot Games has a stacked schedule ahead for 2020 with multiple new titles, LoL will clearly not be left out in the future.

The full October 2019 Champion Roadmap is available on the League of Legends website here.