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Riot announce update to League of Legends’ behavioural system

The updated system is to limit the number of griefers.
Riot announce update to League of Legends’ behavioural system

As in tradition now, with the newest month comes an update from Riot Games about planed changes to League of Legends’ behavioural system. Its goals remain the same. Detection and mitigation of the number of people with a negative impact on the game experience. 

Although this time, with patch 10.21 which is scheduled for the middle of October, Riot’s goals will be to stop a certain group of people.

In the aforementioned patch, the game developer plans to bring new tools destined to fight those who purposely feed and grief during the games. 

League of Legends behavior ban, Behavioural Systems Update
(Picture: Riot Games)

So far, Riot’ behavioural system mostly looked at the number of deaths of certain individuals. If it was regularly high, then it judged them as intentional feeders and griefers. With 10.21 it aims to “look at specific details of each death to flag those that appear to be intentional. This allows us to detect players with only a few deaths while still being able to separate intentional feeders from players who are just having a bad game.” 

At first glance, it looks promising, although there are still no details known as to how it will work. Riot continues by saying that “the system works by measuring and controlling for variations in player behaviours over large periods of time.” 

This could possibly hint to a system which reviews the games of reported players. 

League of Legends Riot Behavior update
(Picture: Riot Games)

Riot shed some light about what players can expect from the new update. In short, the game developer said that it will “identify players that consistently engage in disruptive behaviour” and “Distinguish between the players that are consistently great at recognizing other players' disruptiveness from those who just spam the report button every match.” The second aspect is welcomed, as people who spam report every game is nothing new, and yet there has been nothing done about it up until now. 

What’s more, Riot says that they will allow second chances to those that reportedly engaged in negative habits. It says that the system will “allow disruptive players the opportunity for behavioural reformation.” While once again, there are no details about what this will entail, the Riot wants to “allow players who reform the chance to come back, while still being able to effectively prevent bad actors from ruining games.”

At the end of Behavioural Systems Update, Riot underlines that the new update was already tested, and the outcomes left them feeling very optimistic. The game dev forecasts that he will be introducing it more and more into the official servers.

The patch 10.21, which is planned to bring us the first versions of the new update, is scheduled to go live on October 14th.