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Riot’s Champion Roadmap: Seraphine, a Noxian Support, and The fabled Ruined King coming to league?

With Samira’s stylish (and… powerful) debut on the rift, it’s time to start looking forward to what’s next for LoL. Riot’s new Champion Roadmap gives a glimpse of what’s coming - including what might be a teaser for Runeterra’s oldest ghost story, The Ruined King…
Riot’s Champion Roadmap: Seraphine, a Noxian Support, and The fabled Ruined King coming to league?

Samira’s hunts for S-ranks - both style and solo-queue varieties - are still the talk of the Rift, but Riot has already released a new Champion Roadmap for what players can expect next. Let’s take a look at what’s in store…

League of Legends Champion Roadmap


Seraphine League of Legends Champion RoadmapThe show must go on! Seraphine is officially a Piltovan come Zaunite. (Picture Riot Games)

To no-one’s surprise, next on the release radar is Seraphine. She’s all but mentioned by name as a pop idol with a rabid fan following in Piltover and Zaun. Ironically, that’s all-new info, as the upcoming champion has become better known for her alternate life as an upcoming K/DA collaborator with a whole persona carefully crafted over her own Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud accounts.

While lore and alternate real-world personas are interesting, there’s still relatively little to go on as to her mechanics. However, we do know the hextech starlet is slated to hit the midlane - and perhaps bring a charm or two to the table while she’s at it. 

Riot Champion Roadmap League of Legends Seraphine
(Picture: Riot Games)

“Regardless of your current level of fandom,” Riot says, “when Piltover and Zaun’s new rising star finally hits the promenade, she might convert you into an instant mega-fan.”

A Noxian Criminal makes their way to Support

LoL champions Roadmap 1Wanted: Dead or Alive (Picture: Riot Games)

Wanted: Dead or Alive. Or apparently, just alive if you want the reward. The Black Rose is on the hunt for a Noxian fugitive who’s armed - make that armoured - and extremely dangerous.

Armour is the operative word when it comes to this champion. “Wear light armor, as reports show warbands have been killed with their heavy gear twisted and shattered,” the roadmap suggests, and they’ve “been known to mount a quick retreat when cornered.”

As far as that goes for mechanics, the upcoming champ is looking like a slippery tank support with some intriguing anti-tank (or at least anti-armour) capabilities. What those abilities are exactly is anybody’s guess, but it may well involve a whole new anti-armour mechanic. Time will tell.

An Update on Dr. Mundo

Bane Dr.Mundo Riot Champions Roadmap
Bane? Is that you? (Picture: Riot Games)

Also in the article is another look at the ongoing Dr. Mundo update. The cleaver-flinging regen tank has been under the gameplay update knife for a while, but won’t be released to the public for some time yet.

On the character side, Mundo is being molded with a “dark comical” theme in mind, whereas on the gameplay side Riot has confirmed that while they want to keep the mad doctor’s kit simple, they do want to ensure Mundo receives “significant gameplay improvements.”

He’ll be keeping his cleaver chucking and hyper-regeneration, but will also be more able to live up to his iconic catchphrase by also adding in some alleged cc-immunity - all the better for Mundo to go where he pleases.

The Ruined King?

The Ruined King 1(Picture: Riot Games)

Last and not least, Riot asks, “What would you do for love?”

The unnamed and unknown champ is set for an early 2021 release, who’ll be hitting the Rift as a jungle skirmisher with the ability to twist hearts and minds. Anything for love, right?

What’s causing more of a stir in the community are the suggestions this new champion might actually be the fabled Ruined King. Going to the “brink of life and death” for love sounds all too like how the Shadow Isles came to be…

The Blade of the Ruined King is already on the Rift - maybe its owner has decided it’s time to reclaim it.