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Every game change Riot Games revealed for League of Legends during their anniversary event

While the Riot Games catalogue is set to expand, new champions are set to be added and gameplay changes are coming to League itself.
Every game change Riot Games revealed for League of Legends during their anniversary event

With so many big announcements from Riot Games' tenth anniversary event for League of Legends, here is a compiled list giving a brief rundown of every announcement that will impact upon the game itself:

New champion Senna

The first ever support marksman champion is coming to the PBE on 29th October and Summoner's Rift on 10th November.

There will also be a further three champions on top of Fiddlesticks and Volibear reworks are also coming in the new year.

Dawnbringer Karma skin

This will be the first LoL skin in which all proceeds will go to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund.

Rise of the Elements

Bringing map changes to Summoner's Rift and a new selection of champions for Teamfight Tactics.

Elements from the Drakes will be able to 'dominate the Rift' and change the landscape.

TFT will see a fully new set of champions coming once the game leaves beta.

Teamfight Tactics coming to mobile

The game will be coming to mobile as its own separate crossplay app for iOS and Android next year following fan demands.

A LoL remake called Wild Rift will also be out next year, but as the game was built for other platforms, there will be no crossplay with LoL's PC player base.

Full champ select URF returns with bans

All players have 80% cooldown reduction and no ability costs for their favourite champions.

Free in-game anniversary rewards

For the next ten days, logging in and playing League of Legends will unlock a free reward, with each day's set item ranging from emotes to Little Legends eggs to essence.

These will be claimable between 10/17–10/27 in these '10 Days of Gifting'.

Your Shop is back

Unique discounts for every player can be revealed thanks to Your Shop, offering skins at a cheaper price than usual.