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Riot reveals Seraphine to perform with K/DA at Worlds

Seraphine will be performing with K/DA for the Worlds 2020 opening ceremony on 25th September in her debut as her newest member of Riot’s phenomenally successful K-Pop group.
Riot reveals Seraphine to perform with K/DA at Worlds

Riot Games has revealed that K/DA is bringing on a new voice for this year’s Worlds opening ceremony, and it’s none other than Seraphine. After weeks of speculation that she’s going to be the next K/DA member, Sera announced that the k-pop group has taken her under their wing.

Seraphine K/DA Worlds 2020 opening show

Riot has set the performance to take place at the start of Worlds on the 25th of September.

Seraphine recently teased her upcoming performance through a Twitter post. Featuring a throwback picture of her going to a concert pre-COVID times, the post was captioned, “this time last year I was going to concerts, not about to be in one.”

Followed by an influx of supportive replies. One fan asked if she was nervous to go live, to which she responded, “honestly, yes”.



Head of Riot Music Group Toa Dunn disclosed from K/DA teasers in a private media event yesterday. He shared that K/DA will perform with Seraphine, and will debut a new song out of their upcoming album. Along with their performance will be a new set of voices, including “familiar faces”. This can only mean that viewers will watch a previous Worlds singer come back for one more gig.



Riot recently introduced Sera as K/DA’s newest producer for their next album. They also shared that the group will feature her in a few of their upcoming songs.



Seraphine was originally revealed in a string of social media posts that teased her future League of Legends debut. She referred to herself as an aspiring singer, eventually releasing a K/DA cover of their 2018 hit POP/STARS. After some time, she announced her joining the k-pop group.

All of this snowballed into Riot releasing a League of Legends Universe comic series dedicated to her stardom journey. To this day, Seraphine’s fandom continues to grow as she’s amassed over 275 thousand Twitter followers.