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Riot will reveal ‘story-driven’ League Of Legends title at The Game Awards

Riot Games has announced they’re working with third-party developers to work on titles built to expand the League Of Legends universe.
Riot will reveal ‘story-driven’ League Of Legends title at The Game Awards

After they announced a slew of new titles, Riot has revealed a new initiative to team up with third-party developers on new games within the world of League Of Legends.  

The initiative is titled Riot Forge, who will work with external developers on new titles – with the first set to be a ‘story-driven, narrative’ title.  

A Riot Forge developer will be at The Game Awards 2019 to announce the new title, show host Geoff Keighley confirmed on Twitter.  

It’s unclear who the developer is or whether this will be a smaller-scale title, but a ‘narrative’ game certainly indicates something more significant than a mere spin-off.  

Speaking about the new initiative, head of Riot Forge, Leanne Loombe, said: “We are humbled by our partner developers who are so passionate to work on games set in the LoL IP, which offers limitless potential with its expansive world and deep champion pool.  

“We are sincerely committed to our developers’ long term success and together we aim to deliver great experiences for players of all types.” 

Multiple titles are in development to expand the League Of Legends universe, including digital collectible card game Legends Of Runeterra and an untitled fighting game. They also released TeamFight Tactics as a standalone title earlier this year.  

But what other announcements are coming at The Game Awards? In a Reddit AMA, Geoff teased there would be at least 10 new projects revealed during the show.  

In response to a fan, Geoff wrote: “I think there are around 10 new games/projects being revealed if you want to count the things that no one has heard about yet.” 

Interestingly, it seems one of the titles won’t be the Resident Evil 3 remake which appeared to have been leaked earlier this week.  

“There are no plans (never were) to do anything with Resident Evil 3 at the show,” Geoff wrote.  “A lot of these ‘leaks’ are completely wrong. Nothing about our show has leaked as of this writing.” 

So what will the new projects be? Let the speculation ensue. 

The Game Awards takes place on Thursday 12 December at 5.30pm PT in the US. If you’re in the UK, it’s on the 13 December at 1.30am GMT.