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League of Legends 2023 Season: Champion Updates, Competitive & More

It is time for players to get familiar with Season 2023 of League of Legends.
League of Legends 2023 Season: Champion Updates, Competitive & More

It is now time for players to take a peek at what League of Legends will look like during the year 2023. Season 2023 of League of Legends is here with a lot of updates that players should definitely look forward to.

From skin updates, patches, and even a peek at what competitive League of Legends will look like, there is a lot to go over. If you are a fan of League of Legends, the various updates that will be talked about here will surely affect you in some way, shape, or form. So continue to read on so you can have all the info you need for League of Legends 2023.

Upcoming Champion Updates in League of Legends Season 2023

League of Legends Season 2023
Aurelion Sol will receive a huge gameplay update for Season 2023 of League of Legends. (Picture: Riot Games)

The big thing to note for League of Legends in 2023 is that there are going to be a lot of changes to the champions throughout the year. The biggest change will definitely be Aurelion Sol. In Patch 13.3, which launches in February, Aurelion Sol will get a massive gameplay overhaul. Aurelion Sol will receive a Comprehensive Game Update which means he will play completely differently from how he currently does at this time.

Ahri is being updated as well. She will be getting what is known as an Art and Sustainability Update to her character. What this means is that her various animations, skin splash art, and character models will be updated in League of Legends.

On top of these champions getting updated, there will be two new champions coming to League of Legends this year. The champions are Milio an enchanter from Ixtal and Naafiri, a midlane Darkin assassin. Players have a lot to look forward to, and that is not even mentioning the upcoming Lunar, mythmaker, and Faerie Court skinlines that are coming this year.

Competitive League of Legends Season 2023 Updates

League of Legends Season 2023
Ahri will receive art updates that will improve her animations and update her various skin splash art. (Picture: Riot Games)

Both ranked, and professional League of Legends are getting updated in 2023 as well. For players who enjoy Ranked, you will be pleased to hear that the Mid-Year Reset will NOT completely reset your rank. Riot claims that in the mid-year, the game will not change enough to warrant players having their entire rank reset. On top of that, players will get full ranked rewards during each Ranked Split as well, which include Ranked skins. So you will earn two skins this year, depending on your rank.

As for professional League of Legends, there is actually a huge update coming very soon. From January 10-11, the LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL, LJL, CBLOL, LLA, PCS, and VCS will participate in a new two-day event. This is called the Season Kickoff Event.

During the Season Kickoff Event, players and teams from each league will get to show off what they are made of to give viewers a good preview of what to expect in the upcoming professional season for League of Legends.