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Riot announce significant champion changes coming in League update 10.21

The game developer aims to weaken some of League’s most powerful champions.
Riot announce significant champion changes coming in League update 10.21

With Worlds 2020 currently underway, with the group stage hitting its middle point. As is tradition, the League of Legends World Championship is played on one patch, with this year it being 10.19.

However, the game available to the public itself cannot stay unchanged for such a long time, especially with the overpowered Yone and the newly released Samira on it.

League of Legends update v10.21
(Picture: Riot Games)

That is why Riot is normally updating the League every two weeks, and it released a first, general list of changes, which are coming into the game around the middle of October. They were once again foreshadowed by Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, a lead gameplay designer for LoL.




Many characters that are currently in the meta are about to be hit in the upcoming days. The list of those about to be weakened contains mostly junglers, such as Hecarim, Graves, Nidalee. Alongside the trio, Riot aims to diminish the strength of Pantheon as a support, as warrior became one of the strongest champions for that position, while originally being designed for top lane. 

Additionally, Riot is nerfing Camille, who has become too strong of a counter to many tanks. The latest champion added to the game, Samira, is also is set to be nerfed.

League of legends 10.21, LoL v10.21, league update 10.21
Samira is set to be nerfed in v10.21. (Picture: Riot Games)

Riot could also raise some eyebrows by the list of buffs, as it is planning to strengthen Lee Sin, one of the most powerful junglers at the moment. What’s more, Aphelios and Corki could be making their return to regular play, as the duo will be buffed as well.

The trio of Karma, Udyr, and Trundle round up the list of reinforced characters.

According to Yetter, changes to the Nimbus Cloak rune are coming as well, but there are no details as of now. In his words, the upcoming update aims to keep things balanced as the ranked season is coming to an end. Furthermore, he said that Riot plans to shift Pantheon away from a support role, which could be leading to it planning to keep champions in their original lanes. 

The 10.21 update for League of Legends is supposed to go live on official servers on 14th October. Be reminded, that list of changes foreshadowed by Yetter is not official, yet oftentimes it proves to be close to the released patch.