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Six champions you should play in One for All mode

One for All pits five players on the same champion against another set of a singular champion. With a ban phase eliminating some regular picks, it is good to know some unconventional options for the vote phase.
Six champions you should play in One for All mode

One for All has returned to League of Legends servers as a featured game mode. In this mode, two teams face off with each side voting for which champion they will all play as on Summoner's Rift for the match.

Some champions are stronger than others and there are some unusually fun or powerful picks that you can make to get the most out of One for All.



Ekko remains a strong champion in One for All and is one to pick if you are looking to get wins in the mode.

The Boy Who Shattered Time can shatter the enemy Nexus by winning team fights thanks to his kit allowing for offensive outbursts and a time-reversing Ultimate in Chronobreak.



Heimerdinger's turrets are frustrating when you play against him in lane so it isn't hard to imagine why he is even more annoying when you have five times the amount.

15 total turrets can devestate the opposition but you will need to watch out for champions that counter him as many are also popular choices in One for All.



Rakan has a solid kit to wreck havoc in One for All with power that would make Xayah proud.

When one Rakan uses Grand Entrance, the shields from the rest of the team using Battle Dance can stack before leaping away to safety on recast alongside the original Rakan. Combined with The Quickness, the support champion squad will carry you to victory.



With a rework on the horizon for the Thunder's Roar, now is the perfect time to play with Volibear as his winrate has been impressive thusfar in One for All.

Passive health regeneration and maxed out Frenzy makes his simple kit deadly when combined with four more ursine companions.



One Yuumi can have the other four Yuumi players attached to them, allowing for constant healing and four Prowling Projectiles to be fired at once.

Like Rakan, many supports can be surprisingly powerful in One for All and catch even the strongest carries and bulky tanks off guard.



Yasuo mains rejoice, the sword-wielding samurai is more than viable in One for All.

Last Breath will be your friend and the friend of all of your fellow Yasuos on the Rift.