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League of Legends
League of Legends

Sona, Soraka top nerfs and Garen buffs coming in Patch 10.4

The unusual top picks will be nerfed following their rise even in professional play with Aphelios hit once again too. Patch 10.4 will also see buffs, changes to various items, systems and the current jungle champion pool.
The next League of Legends patch, 10.4, will see multiple changes coming to numerous champions as well as buffs and nerfs for a list of in-game items.

Aphelios continues to be a recurring feature of the nerf list and he is joined by Sona, who was also hit in Patch 10.3 previously after seeing initial buffs. Sylas, who was recently nerfed, is getting the opposite treatment with his Q damage seeing a slight increase.

The full list of changes coming in Patch 10.4 in the Tweet are listed in full below:

Champion Buffs

  • Amumu -> Q dash speed increased from 1350 to 1800, R stops dashes, R cooldown reduced from 150-110 to 130-100
  • Caitlyn -> bonux attack speed at level one increased from 10% to 20%
  • Gnar -> Mega Gnar movement speed increased from 325 to 335, R bonus attack damage ratio raised from 20% to 50%, R attack power ratio upped from 50% to 100%
  • Garen -> Q attack damage ratio increased from 40% to 50%, W at max stacks grants Garen 10% increased bonux armor and magic resistance, W shield increased from 10% max HP to 70-170 +20% bonus HP (bruiser build)
  • Jayce -> Q base damage increased from 45-220 to 55-255
  • Kayle -> R cast time on allies reduced from one and a half seconds to 0.25 seconds
  • Lux -> Q damage increased from 70-250 to 80-260, Q cooldown decreased from 13-9 to 11-9 (support)
  • Rammus -> base attack speed 0.625 raised by five % to 0.656, attack speed ratio increased by five % too
  • Sylas -> Q damage increased from 40-100 now 40-120
  • Udyr -> Udyr now gets five % off his global cooldown per Cloud Dragon base buff


(Credit: Riot Games)


  • Aphelios -> can now see both guns on health bar, Calibrum mark now grants one attack reset instead of two, turret attacks reduced from four to three, turret damage taken from ranged attacks increased from two to three, turret damage taken from AoE spells increased from two to four, R range reduced from 1600 to 1300  
  • Aurelion Sol -> W active star damage increase reduced from 50% to 40%
  • Singed -> Base HP reduced from 610 to 580, base armor dropped from 37 to 34
  • Sona -> Q, W and E mana costs increased by 25 and refund 30 mana  if the aura is granted to an ally (top)
  • Soraka ->

Jungle pool

  • Darius -> Q heal works on monsters, Passive bleed deals 120% damage to monsters
  • Diana -> Passive damage increased to 150% to monsters
  • Garen -> E deals 150% samage to monsters
  • Gnar -> Mini Gnar W max damage to monsters increased to 300 from 100-300
  • Mordekaiser -> Passive max damage against monsters increased from 15-100 to 25-120
  • Talon -> Passive works on large monsters and deals 120% damage
  • Zed -> Energy restore works on monsters, passive damage increased by 100% against monsters


(Credit: Riot Games)

System buffs

  • Bami Cinder -> [New] Immolate - One every 10 seconds, your next immobilising spell deals six-23 + two % bonux HP and releases a fire nova that also deals that damage around you
  • Sunfire -> [New] Immolate - One every 10 seconds, your next immobilising spell deals 26-43 + five % bonux HP and releases a fire nova that also deals that damage around you
  • Cinderhulk -> [New] Immolate - One every 10 seconds, your next immobilising spell deals 12-29 + four % bonux HP and releases a fire nova that also deals that damage around you
  • Exhaust -> duration increased from two and a half to three seconds
  • Phase Rush -> time window between attacks raised from three to four seconds, movement speed for melee increased from 25-40% to 30-50%
  • Hail of Blades -> time window between attacks raised from two to three seconds, cooldown increased from four out of combat to eight regardless of in or out of combat
  • Unflinching -> now properly grants 10% slow resistance pewr summoner spell on cooldown

System nerfs

  • Legend runes -> Legend stacks per minion decreased from five to four
  • Stopwatch -> Gold cost increased from 600 to 650
  • Perfect Timing -> instead of 10 minutes, grants a stopwatch at 14 minutes reduced by two mintues for each takedown, removed cooldown reduction on Guardian Angel, Stoneplate, Zhonias

Players can expect these changes currently being tested on the PBE to drop on the scheduled release date of 20th February.