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Space Groove: New interstellar skins will arrive to the Summoner’s Rift

This new skin line will have a more comical style, with references to science fiction, vibrant colours, and a little cute touch.
Space Groove: New interstellar skins will arrive to the Summoner’s Rift

Like every year, Riot Games has prepared new content for the April Fools season, a celebration loaded with bizarre and unusual releases for various champions within the game.

This time, and as had been announced during the start of the 2021 Season, a new line of skins will be part of the game, with the arrival of the Space Groove.

Space Groove: Skins and Prices

Accompanying the event, there will be a total of seven new skins for some pretty popular champions from all lanes, so you can show off their spatial style no matter what you play.

All images courtesy of Riot Games.

Space Groove Blitzcrank - 1820 RP

Space Groove League of Legends skin

Space Groove Lulu - 1350 RP

Space Grove Lulu skin

Space Groove Lux - 1350 RP

Space Groove Lux skin line

Space Groove Nasus - 1350 RP

Space groove nasus

Space Groove Nunu & Willump - 1350 RP

Space Groove Nunu & Willump - 1350 RP

Space Groove Rumble - 1350 RP

Space Groove Rumble

Space Groove Samira - 1350 RP

Space Groove

Each of these skins will receive chromas, with all the 1350 RP skins having up to nine different chromas, giving you lots of options depending on which one you prefer to buy, while the Blitzcrank skin will only have six chromas available.

Space Groove: Prestige and Mystery skins

To finish, two things must be highlighted:

Lulu will receive the sought-after Prestige skin from this collection, joining this select group of champions with a skin surrounded by hints of gold and sparkling, giving her a unique appearance.

You can check out this and more of these new skins in action through the SkinSpotlights YouTube channel, now.

Finally, there will be something else to watch out for, as an extra skin of this new theme will also be released, however, it has not been revealed who it will be for.

Although everything seems to indicate that this will be released together with a new champion, as part of the new characters that will be available in the season along with Viego, the Ruined King.

The Space Groove event and its new content will be available with Patch 11.7, while players can already try some of these through the PBE.