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Buffs for junglers, ADCs, and nerfs to meta champs revealed in League’s 11.18 preview

Riot has unveiled many of their changes prepared for patch 11.18, set to start a two-patch update cycle before Worlds 2021.
Buffs for junglers, ADCs, and nerfs to meta champs revealed in League’s 11.18 preview

Worlds 2021 is upon us, as most of the top regional leagues have already chosen their representatives for the international event, with the LCK crowning DWG KIA for the third time in a row, and the LCS and LEC doing the same with 100 Thieves getting their first title, and MAD Lions becoming back-to-back champions.

As with every major international competition, Riot Games is preparing tons of balance changes that will shape the meta before the European summit. That said, Jeevun ‘Jag’ Sidhu, League’s Lead Game Designer, has released some of the changes coming with patch 11.18, the first of two covering the Worlds 2021 meta.

Buffs and nerfs prepared for League’s patch 11.18 

As Jag revealed on Twitter, the LoL balance team wanted to focus on three goals for the Worlds’ patches, focusing on pro without trying to break the solo queue, but without introducing any changes that may be reverted, and at last, open up options for all pro players in the metagame.

So for this patch, they had to “avoid limiting it by requiring matching buffs with nerfs one-for-one” like they usually do. Instead, they will be modifying over a dozen champs in both buffs and nerfs sides, to bring some spice into the Summoner’s Rift.

League of Legends Zed the Master of Shadows
Zed, the Master of Shadows. (Picture: Riot Games)

Starting with the tentative buffs, many champions will get changes focused on the jungle, with Zed, Qiyana and Talon being among the biggest benefited, as these will become a flex-pick out of their mid lane role, getting better damage outputs against monsters.

Other jungle champions receiving buffs include Dr Mundo and Lillia, getting better healings and lower cooldowns on their abilities, and Taliyah, with a tweak on her skills to help her clean her camps faster.

Many ADCs will be on the board as well, as these have struggled to succeed in the current meta with just a bunch showing decent performances. Kog’Maw and Twitch will have their damage increase, while Miss Fortune’s ultimate will shoot more bullets, and Draven will rule again as his ult will now execute enemies with HP lower than his current Adoration stacks.

League of Legends Draven the Glorious Executioner
Draven, the Glorious Executioner. (Picture: Riot Games)

Soraka and Singed will also get some changes, focused around the Grievous Wounds mechanic, as Soraka’s ult will now clean any Grievous Wounds state before healing, while Singed’s ultimate now makes all of his damage apply Grievous Wounds.

Some other champions with minor buffs to base stats and abilities include Gangplank, Jinx, Kai’Sa, Karma, Morgana, Urgot, Yone, Yuumi and Zoe.

As for the nerfs, these will be more focused on the most OP champs in pro play, to make room for some of the newcomers buffed in the patch.

League of Legends Lee Sin the Blind Monk
Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. (Picture: Riot Games)

Among the highlights on this patch, we will find Lee Sin, Aphelios and Jayce, getting a lower base AD, Kalista’s knock up and Renekton’s stun being shorter at first levels, and Ashe and Camille with increased cooldowns on her W and passive, respectively.

Besides, the biggest nerfs are coming for Thresh, with a lower movement speed and bonus magic damage per soul, Trundle’s E slow being reduced at late stages, and Varus’ passive giving attack speed per level instead of a flat percentage, together with a nerf on his base AD.

A couple of major adjustments are also set for Rumble, receiving now attack speed based on level thanks to his passive, and Fizz, increasing the damage of his W, but reducing drastically his ultimate’s power at all levels.

Remember most of these are tentative at the moment, so there is a chance these won’t make it to the live servers. However, the notes revealed below will help you be prepared for whatever is coming during the next weeks.

Patch 11.18 is slated to be released in League’s live servers on 9th September, just a day after its normal schedule due to the Labor Day holiday in the United States.

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